3 Things I Need You To Know Blog Audio

by Michelle Davey

I showed up on Facebook live several times with “3 things” when I was doing the promotions for Mental Toughness Boot Camp. I don't love doing videos as I feel I should brush my hair and wear some makeup for them. I even had to wear different clothes each day. I don't do that every day, so it really adds to my daily chores. Quite the problem hey? I know I could show up in my farm look, but I'm not quite comfy with that yet.

In each video, I talked about various things like 3 mistakes I see horse people make 3 reasons being mentally tough isn't really about being tough at all.   Here's the list linked right to the videos.
3 Mistakes Horse People Make
3 Reasons Being Mentally Tough Isn't Really About Being Tough
3 Reasons Your Horse Wishes You'd Improve Your Mindset
3 Things You're Saying That Are Limiting You
3 Reasons I Don't Think Perfect Has A Place In Horse Training

On the last day of enrollment, I wanted to “hit it home” with a motivational video about 3 things I needed you to know. It was full of value and not a lot of pitch. I really wanted to deliver to my people. That was the day Facebook and Instagram were having troubles. I tried going live and that didn't work so I recorded a jazzy slide show video and then that wouldn't upload either. I've been sitting on this list of 3 things until now and should the technology Gods be in my favor, it will show up as the blog post you're about to read.

Here are the 3 Things I Want You To Know:

1. You Are Not Alone

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. You are not alone in your challenges and frustration. The person standing beside you at the jackpot may be working through depression even though she looks to have her ducks in a row. On the other side, there may be someone dealing with anxiety, yet you don't see the medications she's taken just to get to the jackpot. Maybe the person standing beside you feels the same as you, but looks different on the surface. You're not alone.

I see so many people judge and criticize themselves for going through stuff and not having their ducks in a row each and every day. We're human, it's normal to falter, it's normal to feel like you're a squirrel at a rave. Not that we should want to live in this state all the time, but it's normal to slip there sometimes.

Many people are like ducks where they're cool on the surface, but paddling like crazy beneath the surface. This makes us think that they ARE cool, but really, they just look that way. We really don't know what others are going through. For this reason, we should not compare our state to theirs or assume we know how their life is going for them at this time. Don't make yourself less for having “issues”, but also, we want to avoid making our “problems” bigger and far worse than anyone else. We really don't know the weight each challenge carries for a person. What I do know is that EVERYONE of us is dealing with something.

You are not alone, but you are also on your way to greater things. You will look back on these struggles one day and see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to get you where you are now. Once you're through each struggle, you are up-leveled to the next level of growth in the human experience. You are not alone in that either.

2. You Are Enough

You might not believe it, and I could tell you all day long how enough you are and that doesn't mean you will believe it.

From the depth of my heart, you are enough.

You have what it takes to do whatever your heart longs for. You are worthy and deserving of all the success that you desire.

There IS a winner brewing inside you. It's time to bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be. What is it that makes you think you shouldn't or can't get there? Who said that and is it actually true? Right now, let go of all the reasons you don't believe you are enough.

All the conditioning and programming that has made you believe that it's safer to stay small and safer to not be seen, let that go. It's not yours and it doesn't serve you well.

You don't benefit from staying small and less than enough. It's your Divine birthright to live in a place of abundance, worth, and enoughness. It's yours. Claim it now.

3. Your Performance Does Not Dictate Your Self Worth

You are not your performance in the arena. You're also not your results at work. You are not the success and behavior of your kids either. You are not defined by any of that. You're defined by the fact you are a child of God and that alone is enough. You are love, you are the essence of your soul.

If you go and win the world, that doesn't change who is in your heart. If your horse runs up the wall, it doesn't change who you are. You are enough no matter what happens in the arena. Your performance in the arena does not dictate your self-worth.

When your self-esteem is strong, who you feel YOU are, will not change with the results that happen in the arena. Win or learn. This is why it's so important you know your worth and know your enoughness in your heart. The ego may be pleased with the success, but your heart and your self worth doesn't change when your sense of self is solid.

You are so much more than your performance.

In conclusion, if there were three things I'd like to see you keep close to your heart, it would be that you're not alone, we all have stuff we're growing through. You are enough, just being here and being a human. You can do more if you want, but never feel you need to prove your enoughness. No matter how good or how bad things go out there in the arena or show ring, you are not your performance.  You are so much more. 

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