Are You Enough? – Ep. 3

If you’re the kind of person that is always trying to do more, be more, achieve more.. you might want to listen to this episode on enoughness.  

Show Notes:

What if we have “I am not enough” programmed into our subconscious mind?  We can carry this core belief without really realizing it. It can lead to us want to prove that we are enough.  It can drive us to go above and beyond.  It can lead to perfectionism. This can result in amazing work, but it can also lead us to run ourselves down.   We can get caught in this energy of “not enough”. In a competitive sense, this might make you feel like you don’t belong or that you’re not enough of a rider.   You may also enter lots of events to “prove” you’re enough.  

Almost everyone deals with this in some way.  Even the people who usually feel like they are enough and the people who work on this, have times when this belief comes up.   This belief might surface in a particular area of your life. When we have these feelings, we can remind ourselves that we are enough just as we are.   

How do we end up like this?   As a newborn, we know we are enough.   Conditioning from society, parents and school can lead to the idea that we are not enough.  When we are very young, we are like sponges. If the people around us have the idea that they are not enough, then we learn that belief as children.  When we are tested, picked for teams or graded, the subconscious can misinterpret this information and start the belief that we are not enough.  

We are enough – just as we are.  This is a message we need and our children need.   There are messages everywhere suggesting that we need to be more, do more and achieve more.   A lot of advertising sends the message that we are not enough. We need to remember that we are enough.  Our saddle is enough. Our horse is enough. Our feeding program is enough.  

Knowing that we are enough does not mean that you have to be satisfied.  You can still strive to achieve more, but only if it makes you feel good.  Remember that you are enough right now.  Own that idea.  You are an energy of something greater than you.  You are a child of God. You are enough.   


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