Episode 11: How to Know Where You’re Limiting Yourself

When I learned about limiting beliefs and how they were impacting my life, it was a game-changer for me.  Once I was able to step away from my limiting beliefs, I accomplished many new things. In this episode, I will share how limiting beliefs might be impacting you and how you can begin to free yourself from limiting beliefs. 

“If you accept a limiting belief then it will become a truth for you.” –  Louise Hay

Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs is about becoming more truthful with yourself.  It’s about recognizing that some of the things you believe are not actually true.  We sometimes believe things without proof. 

Your limiting beliefs are likely to affect your life choices.   Your limiting beliefs might prevent you from seeing opportunities.   For example, if you have a limiting belief of “I’m not ready yet” then you might avoid applying for a new job or entering a rodeo with your horse.  Limiting beliefs could also keep you stuck on negative ideas. You might think “money is the root of all evil” which will repel money in your life.  That limiting belief can prevent you from seeing all of the positive things people do with money (like supporting charities and making the world better!)

If you don’t know you have limiting beliefs, how do you recognize them?

You can start by asking yourself, “is this really true?” Be careful of what you believe.  Become aware of your limiting beliefs.

How do limiting beliefs develop?

Often our limiting beliefs were developed when we were young children.  Children pick up the beliefs of those around them. They observe the world around them and develop beliefs related to what they witness.

We sometimes develop limiting beliefs when we repeatedly think them or say them to ourselves.  We might think “I don’t have enough ___________ (time, money, friends, support)”  or “I am not enough of _______________________ (a rider, a wife, a mother)”.   These are very common limiting beliefs.  Another common limiting belief is “I don’t deserve _________________ (this success, such a nice horse)”.   Sometimes horse people think “I’m not ready yet” or “My horse isn’t ready yet”.  We limit ourselves with thoughts like this.  

How do we overcome limiting beliefs?

We have the power to change our limiting beliefs.  Awareness is the first step in the transformation. The next step is to affirm new beliefs.  Try using my free worksheet below to replace your limiting beliefs with positive affirmations.  Start writing out your new, positive affirmations.

Download my free worksheet Replacing Limiting Beliefs with Positive Affirmations (using form below this text).  This worksheet includes a list of over 50 limiting beliefs and suggested positive affirmations you can replace them with.  Read the list and see what resonates with you, then try replacing your limiting belief with a positive affirmation. 

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