The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 61: Increase Your Rebound Rate

In this episode, I share about rebound rate. I’ll give some advice about how to get back on track after a setback.

Your rebound rate is possibly the sum of your recovery rate. Those smaller, everyday recovery moments add up and impact your ability to rebound. Your rebound rate is your ability to pick yourself up and bounce back from bigger setbacks. (Whereas your recovery rate is when you get your mind back on track in order to be present).

What I consider a setback might not be a setback to you.  Remember, everyone is going to experience a setback differently. It’s all relative to your own experience and reality. There are many things that would have been a setback for me previously, but don’t even hit my radar now.   

Let your comebacks be stronger than your setbacks.  

Yes, but how? Here are some tips to increase your rebound rate:

Whatever is happening to you, try not to attach a story to it.  Don’t analyze it. Find the lesson and the message of your experience and move forward with it.  

Don’t attach your self-worth to your setback.  Whatever happened really doesn’t matter.   What matters is what’s next. It is just an event that happened.  Disconnect from the energy of the event and move on. 

Remind yourself to believe that life is rigged in your favour.  Whatever setback you’re going through, always look for the lesson and benefit from it. 

If you’ve thrown your sucker in the dirt, wash it off.

If you need to lay on the ground and thrash and kick and scream, do it and then get up.

If you need to have a good cry, do it. Then, move on.  

Don’t stay stuck. Don’t attach a story to what happened.

Stay present and neutral.

Look at the situation from the outside.  Do not get attached to an outcome or take the circumstances personally – disassociate for a moment.

Remember, The Universe is not out to get you.  God or your higher power really does have a plan of greatness for you. You won't see it if you’re not looking for it.

One lesson that’s been hitting me hard lately is that we don’t really know what the plan is for us.  

We schedule, we plan, we have a vision, we have a goal; we’re basically scripting our lives. Sometimes our plan is not THE greater plan. Sometimes the timeline for our vision is not what we think it’s going to be.  We have to be okay with a power greater than us taking the wheel and taking us down the road we need to be on (and sometimes it’s for reasons we don’t even know about).

There’s a fine line between sitting back and letting life happen to us and taking action towards our desired life.          

I think the key is not to attach to the outcome or expectation (or hopes and dreams)  because when we get so focused on the end results we miss the present moment and what it has to offer.

Take your setback and write a good comeback story. 

Let go of your attachment to what the setback means and take action towards your vision. Consider a redirection if the action you’re taking isn’t working. Be open minded and flexible in your methods. Look for the lesson, so you don’t have to repeat it. Truly believe life is rigged in your favor and keep your focus on that truth. You get more of what you focus on.


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