The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 39: Seize the Opportunity

I was recently asked to share some mindfulness and mindset tips with the Cloverleaf Connection Facebook group.  I wanted to make sure you got these tips too, so I’m sharing them with you in this episode.   I’ve got some tips and reminders to help you through this challenging time as we deal with restrictions due to COVID19.  Try some of these exercises and, when it’s time to compete again, you’ll be ready to hit the road and show up strong!  You can use this time to develop great habits that will help you show up in a mentally tough way both in life and in the arena.

This is a great opportunity if we look at it that way.  

We have the opportunity to prime our skills and our mindset, so when we go back to the arena, we will be ready.  Your mindset is like a muscle, so if you don’t use your competition mindset, it can take a few runs to get your confidence back.   If you don’t exercise your mental toughness skills, it can take time to get back into the groove of competition.  However, you can do things to improve yourself and your mindset during this downtime.  

What can we do to improve our mindset at this time?

One skill that champions have is that they realize they can only control certain things.  Most of what we are going through with the COVID19 pandemic is out of our control.  What do you control?  You can decide how to respond to the situation.  You can work on staying present and focus on what you can control.

Another thing that you can work on is becoming the person who you need to become in order to have the things you want.  Who do you need to be to achieve your goals?  Start developing the habits that you need in order to achieve your goals.  Forge ahead.  Act like a champion.  

If you are in a slump and aren’t feeling like riding, this is an opportunity for self-awareness.  Think about what beliefs are holding you back and address them.  Develop habits that align with being a champion.  

Work on reframing your thoughts.  Change your negative thoughts into more positive thoughts.  Changing your perspective is a practice, it doesn’t just happen.  

Practice quieting your mind.  You can practice meditation or breathwork.  Work on visualization.  Practice your barrel runs in your mind.  Use all of your senses to imagine your run.  

Enjoy the moment.  Enjoy your rides and your life.  Work on becoming the person who will achieve the goals you wish to achieve.  



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