Damn funny. If you don't know me well, you wouldn't know how funny I am. I don't just go and sprinkle my funny just anywhere. I probably think I'm funnier than most do but that's ok. This is my favorite picture of the entire photo shoot (and I'm sorry Lisa for cropping most of the beautiful “grass fire” I set with my hotmess . A really amazing moment she caught and we do have one where I'm doing a “normal” smile too.


Seriously though. Who do you believe you are? I had to take a deep look into who I thought I was this fall when I entered the CBHI. I had to upgrade my beliefs so I wasn't beat before I got there. I worked on myself to make sure I felt like I belonged there and that I believed I was capable of doing what was necessary. Earlier this summer I was stuck in a rut. I didn't feel good and I questioned my abilities. This happens from time to time and I think it hits everyone. What it is, is an opportunity to upgrade your beliefs, to uplevel. When all the crap hits you in the face, you wipe off your eyes and start looking at what it is that's coming up that needs to leave and be healed. Sometimes these are new limits we've picked up from someone else or they can be just another layer to the onion that needs to come off before you increase the level of awesome you're ready to reveal.


The universe will work to align with you and whatever you believe about yourself. Whether deep down you don't feel worthy of being loved, whether you feel money is the root of all evil or whether you feel you're not good enough. It will respond to these limits by repelling relationships, money and success. Take a deep look in your heart and watch how you speak about yourself. Awareness is the first step to recognize where and why you're limiting yourself.

We talk more about this in my mental toughness boot camp that will be open for enrollment again in February.


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