The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 30: How to Succeed Without Hard Work

In this episode, I’ll help you think differently about hard work.  I’ll tell you about how you can succeed without hard work. 

In the western way of life, many of us have been conditioned and trained through the example of our parents to work hard for what you want.    Being a hard worker is a very honorable quality.   We might think that people who aren’t hard workers are lazy and undeserving of what they have or have achieved. 

We hear things like:

Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.
You have to earn your keep.
Work hard if you want to be successful.
You deserve success if you work hard.

What if through your desire to be seen as a hard worker, you are actually making things harder than they need to be?  

What if when something comes easy to you, you repel it, reverse it or feel undeserving of it because it wasn’t hard to get?     You might have the idea that you didn’t work hard enough for it, so you must not be worthy. It seems kind of twisted, but I know it’s resonating with someone out there.

All of the sayings I mentioned like:

Success only comes with hard work.

Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.
You have to earn your keep.
Work hard if you want to be successful.

You deserve success if you work hard.

They are all limiting beliefs.

These sayings are not 100% true.  Believing them could be keeping you from finding success with ease because you’re looking for things to be hard.  We speak our lives into existence, so if we believe those statements to be true, they will be true for us.

Most of us have believed those things at some point, so don’t be judging yourself for believing them.  Wins or successes do come to people with ease sometimes, so why not you? 

Why have you decided it has to be hard?

Is it because you value being a hard worker?   Because you believe anything worth having has to be hard to get?  What if there were a few tools you could add to your toolbox that would make things EASY for you?

Subconsciously, you might actually end up sabotaging your results just to make it harder for yourself so you feel deserving when you get it.  Sounds CRAZY to say that right? But people do this. I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it.

A thought is limiting when it’s not 100% true, but we believe it to be our truth. 

Does success only come with hard work?  Is this 100% true? No, many people have had success come to them with ease.   Why not you?

Does working hard guarantee you success?  No, there are many people we know who have worked hard their whole life but have never gotten anywhere for their hard work.  So why not, if it’s hard work that creates success?

Could it be that it’s what you’re doing, not how hard you’re doing it that’s important?  Could it be that your efforts need to be aligned with the outcome you’re looking for?

What if you identify as a 3D barrel racer, but you think if you work hard and ride a lot you will become a 1D barrel racer. This might work for some, but for others they’re just working hard, not actually becoming anything different through the effort they are putting in.  Maybe it has more to do with who you believe you are, and less about the time you’re putting in.

So how do you succeed without hard work?

✔ Start by recognizing and believing it’s possible to succeed without hard work.

✔ Look at the actions you are taking.    Are you doing something the “hard” way, just for the sake of it or the pride in proving you are a hard worker?  Maybe there’s an easier way.
We always have choices and taking the hard way isn’t always the best way.

✔ Change your perspective on hard work and stop seeing it as a necessity for success.

✔ Think about making good choices and taking aligned action.

✔ Be effective and efficient in the work you are doing.

✔ Do work you love and enjoy it.  When you’re doing things you love, it’s not work and it’s not hard.   You’re just taking action in a direction that will help you reach your desired outcome.

We certainly don’t want to feel undeserving or feel like we haven’t put in enough time when there is a win knocking on our door.    We want to be ready to accept those wins and achievements when they’re ready for us.

How much you deserve something is not connected to how hard you have worked.    

You’ll know you carry this limiting belief when you recognize that you feel better winning something when it was hard for you. I feel like many of you will relate to this and also recognize how it’s a little unfair that we believe this for ourselves. Most of you would be happy for someone else to achieve something great (no matter their effort) but yet you hold yourself to a higher standard.

I’m not saying we go around looking for it to be harder, but when we subconsciously carry pride around hard work, we’re going to see that and find it hard. If we look for ways to be more efficient or aligned, then we will see that and experience that.  It’s a shift in perspective and it doesn’t mean there’s no effort involved but let’s not focus on how “hard” it is.

When you do align with success with ease, be sure to thank God, the universe, the source or whatever higher power you believe in for helping you to do that.  That higher power is always there helping you align with whatever it is you believe is possible.

Believe in ease.  Believe in joy. Believe it is possible for things to unfold in your favor without all the blood, sweat and tears you’re used to producing. 


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