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When Ego Takes The Reins

This past weekend I ran in the Manitoba Barrel Racing Finals here in my home Province. I had high hopes of making three nice runs and being lucky enough to fall into some money. We aren't ready to run for the 1D win yet, so I was hoping to fall into some division...

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Three Words That Changed My Life

Things were pretty rocky in my life after my son was born. He was challenging from the time he decided he should join us. In the quest to find out what was "wrong" with him, my Mom came across a book that helped us learn was was "right" about him. I have to admit when...

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Why It’s So Hard To Lose A Horse

If you have a forever horse, chances are you will outlive him and have to deal with the loss of this horse.   If you're like me, you may have many "forever" horses in your care.    It's only been in the last few years that I've had to make decisions for my forever...

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How To Increase Your Sensitivity To Energy

Whether we're working on another person or a horse doing hands on healing, it's important to be able to feel energy,and be able to feel a change in energy.    I thought the best way to explain these three ways you can improve your feel for energy would be through a...

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Is Animal Communication A Real Thing?

I'll give you a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is that yes, in my world, animal communication is a real thing. I can't tell you why this should be a real thing for you, but I can tell you why it's a real thing for me. It's an everyday thing in my...

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When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

You heard it here. Positive thinking will only get you so far. Positive thinking and positive talk is important, don't get me wrong. What I've seen and experienced is that it's what you're "feeling" deep in the core that can cause you to choke in a heart beat. Most...

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Are You Turning Your Horse Into An Ass?

Many lines of horses carry a set of characteristics known to their breeding.   I won't mention names, but there are some horses bred "this" way that are known to be broncy, others bred "that" way that are known to have big stops.    Are they all this way or that...

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How Much Bitch Are You Bringing To The Barn?

Imagine with me here.   You work in an open concept office where you have coworkers working within arms reach.   Cringing already?  It gets worse. One of your coworkers is a know it all in the midst of family drama.  She likes to tell you how to do your job and...

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