Join me (Michelle Davey), your guide to “Unbridled Living” as we step out of the boxes we’ve been put in (and created ourselves) and unleash our unique potential.   Whether it’s life in general,  business or in the competition arena, breaking free from the beliefs, stories and paradigms we carry opens a whole new world and welcomes the expansive life you deserve.

Episode 10: Things That Hold Us Back

Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 10: Things That Hold Us Back It’s one thing to desire to practice or pursue an unbridled life, but it’s another to actually ask the things that try to hold you back, to step aside. In this episode we explore the different energies and...

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Episode 9: Self Consideration

Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 9: Self Consideration While you pursue your goals and unbridled life, are you remembering to consider yourself? Not just self love and self care, but actually considering whether what you’re doing is for you?  Does it light you up?...

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Episode 8: Beliefs Behind the Scene

Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 8: Beliefs Behind the Scene In this episode we uncover how we can be driven or held back from what we took on as our own before the age of 7. The bulk of our beliefs, values, stories and views are programmed into our subconscious mind...

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Episode 7: The New Normal

Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 7: The New Normal I believe that truly living an unbridled life means living true to yourself. This means being yourself and knowing who that is, even when it’s uncomfortable to do so. Living authentically requires a lot of bravery as...

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Episode 6: Playing The Game Of Life

Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 6: Playing The Game Of Life This episode will require you to show up with an imagination and follow along. What if the game of life was simply to expand your personal biodome and increase your personal health through life experiences?...

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