Discover Your Unbridled Design

Living an unbridled life requires you to know who you are and live in integrity with that truth.  Human design is a masterful system that helps you uncover your true essence.   Once we learn more about how we are designed, we can sort out where we’ve been betraying the truth of our nature to please others, find safety or conform to outside influences.

The report you’re about to download is the gateway to your true essence.  It’s written in the stars.   It will display your unique human design and highlight how you’re different “by design”, and with great purpose.   The date and time you were born is unique to you and your path here in this lifetime.  You were never made to fit in, that’s why you’ve often felt quite different.   Dive in, submit the form below and let’s get this journey started. It is time to uncover the unique strengths and gifts that make you, YOU,  so you can confidently step into all that you’ve been divinely coded to be. 


Enter your birthdate and time to receive your free basic human design report.
Once the chart generates, be sure to click download report for the multipage report you can keep!

FAQ:  What if I don’t know the exact time I was born?  
There are a few options to solve this.   If you can ask a relative if they remember if it was early morning or late in the day, that is helpful.  You can pick a time in that range.    Your time of birth should be with your birth records at vital statistics for your area if you’re able to make contact there.    Or, you can run a couple different times (early and late) and see if it makes a lot of difference.  If it’s not a big difference then it’s less important to find the actual time.  If it is big, then we can rectify the time together through comparing charts and using intuition.