Private Coaching & Healing

One on one private calls are available to help expedite your coaching and healing needs.
Your investment is $200 + GST.   You can expect calls to last from 60-90 minutes.
Each call is intuitively guided and tailored to your needs.  Several different healing modalities may be drawn upon.  Focus of the call is your choice from health concerns to clearing blocks and beliefs keeping you from ultimate performance in the competition arena.

Upon payment, if you haven’t connected already, Michelle will contact to set up the appointment time.

Etransfer to also accepted.

Horse Healing & Investigation

An intuitive health and wellness investigation that gives your horse a voice.    Sessions start with your general concern and we work towards uprooting the energetic and root cause of the issue.    These sessions never replace veterinary care, but can give clues to mystery lameness and illness or give you a starting point for intervention.     Often when healing at the energetic level we can prevent many issues from manifesting at the physical level.
Your investment is $200 + GST.   You can expect calls to last from 60-90 minutes OR opt to receive a report after and have an opportunity for follow up questions (attending the session with your horse is not necessary and these sessions are done at a distance as energy knows no bounds). .
Upon payment, if you haven’t connected already, Michelle will contact to set up the appointment time or for horse, you can simply receive a completed report.    Please submit your horse’s name, age and general concern to begin.

Etransfer to also accepted.

Mini Reading

Have a quick question or concern but don’t need the whole picture or healing?   The mini reading is a quick way to get an answer that may help direct other professionals or help you solve problems.
This report does not include healing or solutions, but can provide great clues to overall health and next steps.
This report does not replace veterinary care and assessment.
Some examples:   I have three saddles to choose from, energetically can you test which one fits best? (and then list the saddles and name the horse).
Where is the primary source of pain coming from?
Does my horse like barrel racing?  (be careful you’re not asking things you don’t want to know the answer to 😉 )
There are 3 trainers I could send my horse to, which one is the best fit for this horse?

Upon payment, please email your question. Michelle will complete the reading and get back to you via email within 1 week with your answers.  You can expect to receive a short paragraph or summary of the testing results depending on you questions.
$65 including GST.

Etransfer to also accepted.

Private Mentorship

Packages designed to suit your needs.   Book in 3, 6 or 12 month containers and commit to changing the trajectory of your life.  Depending on your commitment and time availability, we can connect as frequently as once a week.
I’m open to whatever you have on your heart, but some examples include intuitive skills mentorship, intuitive business guidance,  being your inhouse performance coach and healer for your competitive season, or going deep in the off season.    Contact me for a free consultation and we can build a package that fits.  Starting at $350/month.

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