Hi,  I’m Michelle.

I coach riders to achieve their full potential through mental fitness training, energy tools and healing.   I love to empower horse people and encourage them to tap into their true power, while teaching them to align with success.  Get your free mental toughness tips below.

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Building Squiggles

Part 1 This summer I've been riding and training a horse named Squiggles. She's 5 years old and one that I have raised and other than the first 40 days, have done all the work on. I was going to sell Squiggles when she was young because I didn't think I needed a horse...

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My Feels Were Mixed Up

A couple weeks ago I entered a jackpot on my 5-year-old mare. We are in the building up speed and confidence stage so it was a bit of a blow when she caught a leg fell right down at the third barrel. We were making a really nice run too. She went down, got up and we...

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Chasing The Elusive Last Second

One of the groovy things about me is that when I'm going through something, someone else is often going through it at the same time. This was confirmed to me when a friend and client reached out to me expressing how she's been a bit frustrated with her horses since...

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What The Helmet!

I've been sporting a new look lately and honestly, I'm not overly thrilled with it. I'm closer to being okay with it than I was, but I still don't feel super confident with it. The look I'm talking about is the helmet look. The day after my 40th birthday I started...

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Horses Don’t Give A Damn

Don't get me wrong, there are many things that horses care about. But to be frank, they don't care about most of the things you and I tend to focus on. Above all, horses do care about whether or not they are fed and watered and if they are comfortable in the elements....

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When Unmet Expectations Ruin Your Day

It's taken me a while to learn this, and honestly, it's still a work in progress and practice. There is a balance to be found in all of this, but expecting something to go a certain way is a sure fire way to find yourself disappointed. Here is what I have to keep tabs...

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I’m All The Things I Said I’d Never Be

Maybe it's something about turning 40 today or getting some cancer cut out of me last year. It could be because I lost a family member recently or the life review I did when almost t-boning a utility truck. I'm not sure, but I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately...

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When Horses Do Body Work

I was on my way back to the house from doing morning chores last week and I noticed my horse Orro standing in front of the walk through gate.    My mare Abracadabra was off in the distance standing in the shed on her own looking to be resting.    I stopped to visit...

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Be Your Own Cheerleader

When nobody celebrates with you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody compliments, then compliment yourself. It's not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It's up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside. - Joel Osteen I had my own little...

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