Hi,  I’m Michelle.

I help riders achieve their full potential through minset training, energy tools, and healing.   I coach horse people to kick their limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to the curb while teaching them to align with the success that is waiting for them.

There are so many things In my life to be thankful for. Great horses, great people and a little bit of luck. The one person that stands out in my mind is Michelle. There was a turning point in my barrel racing career and everyday life. When I opened myself up to Michelle about some things I had been struggling with. Having a session with Michelle was a  “game changer” she helped me work through some tough points changed the direction of my life. Every time I get a chance to listen, read or even just be around this lady I jump at the chance.

Andrea Udal

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Do You Have An Upper Limit Problem?

Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall in your progress? Are you trying to compete at a higher level but you just can’t get over the hump? Or maybe you’ve made a huge advancement only to be set back on your ass. Have you considered it could be an upper limit...

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When you feel “meh” about someone else’s success

Do you know that feeling when you watch someone make a run and you don't really feel like celebrating for them? Like you don't feel anything bad towards them, but you just kind of feel "meh" - that was nice for them. Then do you kind of feel like a bad...

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Should I Enter The Barrel Racing Or Not?

I had another great question submitted from a follower.     An entry deadline is fast approaching and she's not sure if she should enter or not.  She's wondering where her reservations are coming from.  Is it because she doesn't feel ready or fast enough? ...

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Feeling Like A Fraud In The Horse World

  Have you ever felt like you aren't good enough or you don't belong? Are you trying to achieve a goal but wonder "who am I"? to be doing this? Who am I to be entering rodeos when I have never won a jackpot? Who am I to be taking training horses when I...

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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

I went live on Facebook to talk about fear and how we should get used to the discomfort it brings and just power through it.   I'm not specifically talking about the fear of when we're in actual danger.   I'm talking about those times where we really don't...

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When perfect doesn’t pay

  I'll either be Tough Love or Captain Obvious here, but I'm here to say - You are not perfect. I'm not perfect. Your horse is not perfect.  So why do we try to be perfect? Why do we try and make our horses perfect? Why do we enter the arena with the...

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Why riders “shit the bed” in competition

You’ve probably had amazing rides or runs at home. We’re all masters of our own backyards and if there were ribbons for those amazing runs we’d have enough for a full blanket. But when you get to a competition you – “shit the bed”.

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How To Deal With Mean Girls

We've all dealt with them and if we're being really honest, we've probably been a "mean girl" at some point too. Ouch. Yeah, you. Mean girls are the girls that talk behind our backs, say negative things about us (and maybe even our horse). They criticize and they make...

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Anyone looking for an advantage in the performance world should definitely seek Michelle’s expertise. I was in a competition slump after being away for a while and sought her help. She helped me gain a competitive edge back personally and has tweaked my horses so that they are ready to hit the arena as well. She is candid and frank about what you need to do and helps you see things from numerous perspectives. She has been exactly what my horses and I needed!!!

Rhonda Allen

I have been relying on Michelle’s insight and knowledge for the last couple of years. She has helped me immensely with both, my horses and myself. Michelle is my “go to girl” when I need advice or guidance. I HIGHLY recommend Michelle.

Randa Nugent

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