Hi,  I'm Michelle.

I help riders achieve their full potential through minset training, energy tools, and healing.   I coach horse people to kick their limiting beliefs and negative self-talk to the curb while teaching them to align with the success that is waiting for them.

There are so many things In my life to be thankful for. Great horses, great people and a little bit of luck. The one person that stands out in my mind is Michelle. There was a turning point in my barrel racing career and everyday life. When I opened myself up to Michelle about some things I had been struggling with. Having a session with Michelle was a  “game changer” she helped me work through some tough points changed the direction of my life. Every time I get a chance to listen, read or even just be around this lady I jump at the chance.

Andrea Udal

The Latest On The Podcast

Episode 24: How to Know if You’re Ready for Coaching

Episode 24: How to Know if You’re Ready for Coaching In my area, having a barrel racing coach isn’t very common.  In some western disciplines and in many English disciplines, having a coach is a given.  In some disciplines, it’s common for coaches to come with you to...

Episode 22: Get What You Want In 2020

Episode 22 of The Rider's Mind Podcast: Get What You Want In 2020 It’s a new year and it’s time to write goals and make plans for the year.  Instead of working towards those goals, I suggest you work on becoming the person who achieves the goals you want...

Episode 21: Q & A Build A Bond With Your Horse

Episode 21:  Build A Bond With Your Horse In this episode, I’ll be answering a question from a listener.   I’ll share some tips for connecting and bonding with your horse, even when you’re not riding.  Question:  What are some things I can do with my horse...

Episode 20: Protecting Your Vibe On The Road

Episode 20:  Protecting Your Vibe on the Road Everyone carries a vibe.  What happens when we’re traveling to events and our vibe doesn’t jive with our traveling partner’s vibe?  Things can get tricky! In this episode, I’ll talk about your responsibility to...

Episode 19: Handling the Holiday Season

Episode 19. Handling The Holiday Season Whether you love the holiday season or you find it just a little too people-y, I’ve got some tips to help you with this season. Christmas and the holiday season that goes along with it can feel stressful and...

Anyone looking for an advantage in the performance world should definitely seek Michelle's expertise. I was in a competition slump after being away for a while and sought her help. She helped me gain a competitive edge back personally and has tweaked my horses so that they are ready to hit the arena as well. She is candid and frank about what you need to do and helps you see things from numerous perspectives. She has been exactly what my horses and I needed!!!

Rhonda Allen

I have been relying on Michelle's insight and knowledge for the last couple of years. She has helped me immensely with both, my horses and myself. Michelle is my “go to girl” when I need advice or guidance. I HIGHLY recommend Michelle.

Randa Nugent

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