Boot Camp 2.0

Coming in 2018

Get a grip on your nerves and solve why you choke in competition.

BOOTCAMPDo any of these sound like you?

You shake in your boots prior to your run.
You feel like you might “lose your cookies” before a competition.
You win the world in your own backyard and “shit the bed” in competition.
You have checked your brain at the gate and picked it up on the way out.
You have trouble remembering your runs.
You are easily distracted and set off your game.
You have choked in competition when the win was within reach.
Your runs are never good enough.
You have the horse to win, but it’s just.not.happening!

You’re not alone.  In fact, I’ve been and done all of those things.   I used to throw up all the way to the local horse show when I was a kid.  Then I went on to wreck a good horse because I checked my brain at the gate.  He would come out frazzled and confused wondering where I went to. I left him completely unsupported.    Over more years than I’d like to admit, I worked to overcome my nerves and reduce the number of times I choke in a competition.   Do I still get nervous?   Um…well I like to say I get excited.  I love barrel racing and I’m happy to say I have been successfully keeping my composure for many years now.   I have a whole tool box full of tools I’m excited to share with you in this upcoming teleclass series that will help you get there too.

The tools I’ll share will help you:

Feel confident and composed as you walk into the arena.
Perform at the same level you’ve been able to practice.  Often better!
Increase your consistency in your runs and performance.
Feel like your “ducks are in a row” rather than a bad party.
Remember your runs, and be able to ride the stride you’re in.
Improve your reaction times in your runs and maintain your focus throughout.
Keep your cookies!

Here’s how this is going to happen:

Through a series of 3 calls, I will share energy management tools to help you get a grip on your nerves and improve your confidence.
We go beyond hard work and good luck and give you tools that will help you climb the rungs to the top with ease.
We will turn that nervous unfocused energy into confidence and focus.
We will release emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that may be contributing to your chronic choke or run of lackluster performances.
By releasing the negative beliefs you’ve bought about yourself, we will get you moving towards being the rider you know deep inside you really are.
Through the coaching and energy healing that will occur during these calls,  you will leave feeling like a winner.  You will feel like a winner deep in your core as we clear all the reasons keeping this from being true for you.    

Because we will be working as a group, I’m able to offer you these 3 sessions for less than the price of 1 one-on-one call!  In over 3 hours of coaching I am able to provide you with the material that would normally take 6 sessions!


This very popular course ran for the first time in 2017 and will be offered again early in 2018 to help you get a jump on your season!   Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram or sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out.