Horse and Rider Success Package

The Success Package is the perfect way to make sure both horse and rider are in tip-top energetic shape to perform and play in synergy. In this package, we combine what goes on in the horse healing and human healing packages to get all the energetic debris (take out the trash) for both members of the partnership.   Whatever it be that’s keeping you from achieving your goals together, we’ll find it and get it handled!

Maybe it’s you that has the soundness problems and the horse has the emotional issues, or it could be the other way around or a different combo yet.    From limiting beliefs in the rider, and emotional trauma the horse, we’re able to go deep to the subconscious level and clear out all that crap.     Think of yourself as an iceberg.  What you see above water represents your conscious mind and what you see below is your subconscious mind (the big part).    All the “muscle memory”, limiting beliefs and automatic thinking comes from there.  It’s your subconscious that takes over at fast competition speeds or when your too nervous to “think” (which uses the conscious mind).   At an energetic level, we’re able to make changes to those patterns stuck deep in your subconscious.  Just as easy as these ideas snuck in there, we can peel them out.

It’s exciting to be able to work with both the horse and rider and depending on the situation, we will weight the sessions accordingly (to either horse or rider).   We can do some of these sessions together in person if you’re near me or if I happen to be in your area.

Available in person or over the phone.  Some of it (healing work) I can do on my own and then email reports or provide a summary at our next appointment.    Changes occur over a 4-5 week period meeting each week to work on your goals.    Email support is available between sessions.

Invest in the health, happiness, and future of you and your horse.   Introductory special is $467 CDN + tax.
Ask me about making payments or purchasing multiple packages.

Etransfer, Visa and Mastercard accepted. We will arrange payment after the sessions are booked.


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Energy healing does not substitute the care and attention of a veterinarian or medical doctor.   By booking, you agree and understand vet and Dr care is always recommended.

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