Horses, Dogs and Cats by Design

Animals also have an energetic blueprint based on the same system that writes human design.   Their charts look a little different as their energy runs horizontal (whereas humans are vertical).   A large percentage of animals are reflectors with no definition.   You’ve probably heard how animals mirror their human and this is why (they’re designed to reflect the energies of those around them).    This is not the case for all animals however as you can see on the horse chart shared here.    Animals charts do not have the 64 gates like humans have, they only have 15 and their design is ruled by the moon.

Animal design can be used to understand why your pet or equine seems a little “different” or to determine their strengths in this world.     Charts can also be run to see how they will connect with you as their owner on an energetic level and how they may fit into a family dynamic.    Some that gates indicate how well an animal will handle being stalled or caged, their natural herding instincts and even whether they would be an ideal breeding animal.


If you would like me to run your equine, canine or feline chart and provide a summary of the findings, contact me and I would be happy to reply with a quote dependent on your request (price ranges between $65 and $200 + GST depending on your needs).