Episode 14. Get A Better Friend In Your Head

I’d be a little worried if you have multiple voices in your head, but most of us really do have one voice in our head.  In this episode, I’ll talk about having a kind voice in your head.  Many of us have a judgemental, critical, mean-spirited, unsupportive voice in our heads.  So, how can you change that voice?

Everything is energy – even words.   The words you say to yourself can raise your vibe or lower your vibe.  The words we say to ourselves are even more powerful than the things others say to us…. and we are often our greatest critics.  If you have a self-critical voice in your head, it is important to change that voice. 

Imagine sitting on a park bench.  You look to your right and there is a person sitting beside you saying “Why did you do that?  That was such a stupid choice. You knew that this was going to happen. Are you kidding me? Why did you do this again?”   

How would you react to this person sitting beside you on the park bench?  You’d react in some way, right? Walk away, talk back, maybe even throw a punch.  

What if that person on the bench was the voice in your head?  Now how do you react? You’re stuck with that voice, so you’ve got to learn to live with it.   You’ll need to train that voice so that when she says something, it is something kind. When that voice is unkind, you need to learn to redirect and get away from those critical messages.

The voice in your head should be your greatest cheerleader.   

It’s awesome to have supportive friends, but we also need to be our own cheerleader.  When the voice in your head starts trash talking, you need to redirect the conversation.  Notice what is happening and how that negative voice is limiting you, then change your thoughts.   Make that voice send a positive message instead.  

The more positive things you can say to yourself, the higher your vibe will be.  You’ll be in a happier, more upbeat state when the voice in your head is kind. Be aware of the damage that can be caused by your negative voice and turn it into a better conversation.  Speak to yourself like you’d speak to a friend.

Episode 9: The Art Of Reframing

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