How Your Energy Impacts Your Horse – Ep. 2

Have you ever been around someone super cranky and you couldn’t get away from them fast enough?  What if you are that person to your horse?

Listen to this episode to learn more about how your energy impacts your ride and your relationship with your horse.

Show Notes:

Your energy and your vibe impact your horse.  I wasn’t always aware of this. Since I’ve become more aware of how my energy affects my horses, I’ve changed how I interact with horses.

Imagine a group of people – a group of co-workers at the office or a crew of family members.   There is one person who has bad vibes. No one wants to be around him or her. Do you know that person?  What if the horses are the co-workers in the office and you’re THAT person – the cranky one with bad vibes and tons of demands?    We don’t want to be that person, so we need to be more aware of the energy we bring the barn.  

Horses are sentient beings. They can pick up on when you’re having a good day or when you’re having a bad day.    One example of this is when we change our energy to compete and suddenly, our horse doesn’t want to go in the arena.   There is an energy shift when we prepare to compete and our horses can feel that. 

I’ve done some energy work on horses used for therapeutic riding.   One of the horses I worked with could sense when its rider was going to have a seizure.   The horse could sense the shift in the child’s energy and it would stop before the seizure occurred.  This is a strong example of how energy-sensitive horses can be.

As competitors, we need to be able to manage our emotions and “keep our head in the game”.  If we are focused and present before we go in the arena, that will help our horse. But, we also need to think about our energy in our daily interactions with our horses.  What does it say about your horse’s feelings about you if you go to catch her and she walks away from you? When this happens, I stop and think about what energy I might be bringing with me.  

Horses do shift energy for us, which is the magic of these animals.   I think there are mental health benefits from interacting with horses.   Horses often help heal us. In order to recover from the healing work they do, I believe horses need natural settings to ground themselves, roll around and release the energy they pick up from us. 

We can lessen the burden on our horses by helping ourselves.  If we do a better job looking after ourselves, then we don’t have to rely on our horses to make us feel better.   Enjoy the healing benefits of your horse, but try to take care of yourself too. Meditate. “Shake off” any bad energy from your day before heading to the barn.  Learn to manage your nervousness and anxiety. It will make it easier on your horses. Strive for a mutually beneficial relationship with your horse. 

Be aware of your energy.   Be a good friend to your horse.  Show up with positive energy. 


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