The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 25:  Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

We have a tendency to run from discomfort.   We don’t like feeling uncomfortable, so we move.    The trouble with that is growth can sometimes feel uncomfortable.  What if we are avoiding growth because we don’t like the feeling of it? In this episode, I’ll talk about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Growth doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, but often when we grow and move to the next level, our growth comes with challenges.  Growth can feel uncomfortable.

If we are running from discomfort, we may be running from growth. 

I gained awareness of this idea that growth and discomfort are linked when I was following a guided meditation.  I was struggling with sitting in an upright, correct posture for the whole meditation. The voice that was guiding me said that if I felt uncomfortable, I should stay in that discomfort and stop running from it. I did stick with it and it didn’t take long until it felt comfortable.  It was very empowering for me. It is a good reminder that something awesome may be on the other side of our discomfort.

Another example came when I was in Disneyland recently.  It is uncomfortable for me to experience motion sickness and I don’t like the feeling of having my stomach in my throat, so I get anxious about some rides.  There were some rides I did go on and I embraced the experience. The two “yucky” spots in the ride were overridden by the other 95% of the ride that was awesome! The uncomfortable feelings were worth it.  

If our life was smooth sailing all the time, how fun would it really be?

In theory, it sounds blissful.  But without challenges, life would be boring.   Think about a video game. If there were no challenges, it would be too easy and boring. You’d just breeze through all the levels.  In video games and in life, we need obstacles and challenges to overcome. We need to deal with challenges and discomfort in order to move to the next level.  

It’s our perspective that makes us uncomfortable.  We can change our perspective.  Instead of hating discomfort, we can recognize that we are uncomfortable because something big is coming.  We can lean into the discomfort and be okay with it. We can view discomfort as a challenge to work through.  We can be patient and give ourselves time to work through our discomfort.  

For example, my horse cut herself on Christmas day.  I could worry myself and try to rush her healing by constantly babying her, but I know that I just need to be patient and let her heal.  It’s uncomfortable to wait through this difficult time, but I know that is what I need to do. 

Another example could be related to training horses.  When a horse doesn’t move along as fast as we think it should, it can be uncomfortable to be “stuck”.  What if we just stayed in that feeling of discomfort for a while and worked on how to get out of it? We can think about how we can help that horse learn rather than “make” the horse do what we want.  It’s a different energy when we tackle discomfort this way.

Whether in your personal growth or in your work with horses, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Acknowledge your discomfort.  Let your energy shift. Remember, great things are on the other side of discomfort.   We are designed for adversity. A smooth sail through life would be super boring. Look at discomfort differently: lean into the feeling and ride it out.  Being uncomfortable can be a good place to be. Being uncomfortable can take you to the next level.  


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