Intuitive Investigation and Healing For Horses

Over a series of 3 intensive energy healing and intuitive investigations, I will address the general concerns you have with your horse. Specifics are not needed as the horse will guide us to what the most important things we need to know are.   Not only will we detect these issues at an energetic level, we will be able to work to resolve them by getting to the root of the issues.   Most often we also uncover energetic issues that have yet to present themselves in the physical so we can catch them before they become a problem.

I enjoy working with horse owners who are dedicated to healing their horses from the inside out, not just looking for products to fix they symptoms the horses in experiencing.   We want to heal the reason the symptoms are there to start with.    We make changes to the feed program or ad supplements to help, but in most cases, we’re working in the energy field.   In these sessions, we use a variety of modalities from releasing emotions to the efficient use of light language to “go for the gold” as I say and take a large swath of underlying causes all at once.

Horses are very open and responsive to energy healing and the results can be immediate or take a few days to integrate.  Common issues to have work on are (but not limited to):
Allergies, abandonment issues, anxiety, lameness, gate issues, ulcers, weight and condition (both ends of the spectrum).   Mysterious lameness, bucking,  not dropping to pee, mare problems, general unthriftiness and one of my favorites is adding an extra edge for barrel horses.   Many times, different horses I’ve worked on have gone on and won rodeos and set arena records the weekend following their session.   It’s like they get a weight lifted off and they have added edge.

These sessions will take place over a minimum of 3 weeks and while all of them can be done at a distance with email reports, I’d like to do one or part of one session with the owner on the phone.  This will help in integrating the changes for the horse and give the owner a better idea of what we’re finding and changing in the session.     If preferred all sessions can be done together on the phone with the owner and email support between sessions is included.

This investment in your horse’s health and future is just $367 CDN plus tax

Payments available.

While preference is given to those who have purchased a package, individual sessions are sometimes available starting at $125 + tax for new clients and their horses.   Wait times are currently 1 month.

First payment must be made before the first session.   Etransfer, Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Please submit the following form to schedule your horses first appointment.  I will reply with an expected time for the first session and we will arrange payment from there.

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Energy healing does not substitute the care and attention of a veterinarian.   By booking, you agree and understand vet care is always recommended.

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