I was on my way back to the house from doing morning chores last week and I noticed my horse Orro standing in front of the walk through gate.    My mare Abracadabra was off in the distance standing in the shed on her own looking to be resting.    I stopped to visit Orro and give him some loving.   It wasn’t long before Abracadabra was also standing there and we decided to take a selfie :).   I hadn’t as much as taken the picture before she started working my hand with her muzzle.  Back and forth, back and forth.   She wasn’t trying to nip me, she was starting to move energy.

There’s a difference between a colt testing their boundaries and seeing if they can get a nibble in, and a mature horse moving energy.   If she wanted to nip me, she’d open her lips vertically, not rub her muzzle back side to side.  In fact, she did go there for a second, you’ll hear me clear my throat and she backs off.   Also, knowing my horse and knowing she’s a fairly serious, business type horse and not playful like some can be, I was able to recognize this as work she was doing.

We know being with horses whether it be brushing or riding or doing ground exercises can be therapeutic and many riding programs are centered around this.     What happened here that you’ll see in the video is different.    This is energy work and healing performed by a horse at her will.   It was her idea and she knew exactly where to go.    Being sensitive to energy moving in my body, I could feel the shifts she was making for me.  You can hear my spontaneous sigh near the end and I felt more open in my heart as I walked away.  My chest felt more open and my shoulders were more relaxed and back.

Watch for her blinks, her licks, chews, yawns and lip curls.  She shows us all the fancy ways horses show us they’re moving energy.   I am so thankful for Abracadabra.  She’s a complex little thing but she lives up to her name.

At first I wasn’t sure what she was after and I thought it was my hands.  Many of my horses are curious about my hands and move energy for me like this often.   I thought it was because I use my hands to move energy a lot when I’m working on horses in the flesh and they were just trying to help clear that out.   But I also know that the hands and wrists are extensions of the heart chakra.  That’s one of the reasons I like to wear bracelets with protective stones in them on my wrists.    You’ll see in the video how she gets right down and into my coat to really work my heart!   She also does a sweep up from my heart, my throat and across my brow charka and into a release of her own with her lip curled up.

I kept looking at the phone to make sure I was getting it all in the picture so I wasn’t as present as I could have been.  You’ll see her turn her head away and that’s where she was licking and chewing and even yawning.  At one point she even had her lip curled up processing and clearing out all that she had shifted for me.    Horses are great a validating a shift in energy through their own releases.    While all this was going on, Orro was to my right standing there like a bookend supporting the session.  He didn’t move a muscle and just stared densely into the little session we were having.   He was very supportive.

Abracadabra and I want to encourage you to spend more time with your horses just receiving from them.    Take the time to hang out and see what they have to offer you.   You might have the honor of getting a session just like this!   Go in without expectation, it won’t likely look like my video at all, it will be different and exactly what you need.

I’ve also included a video of Danger Bay who did some healing for me several months ago.  I ended up going into the pen after this video and Squiggles had energy tingling in my legs and Danger Bay kept working my neck and shoulders.   Amazing sentient beings these horses are and they continue to surprise me all the time with what they’re capable of and what they’re aware of.

Head out and just BE with your horses.

This is Danger Bay working my throat chakra.  This was when I knew I had something going on with my thyroid from what the blood work said, but I didn’t know that I would eventually have it removed due to thyroid cancer.     Horses are very aware of our energy blocks.

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