I was asked a while back if I take questions. I said sure, and I do welcome them in the future. Just know I’ll get back to you when the “stars align” and there’s no guarantee. Maybe it will end up being a regular thing, it is a great start for me to add important content to the site.   I can see answering some of your questions in video sometimes too.  Thank you to our first inquirer and if you have a question, please use the contact form on this site.   Here we go!

Dear Michelle,

Something I’ve really been struggling with is jealousy. I guess it really plays off your last post about ego. But damn, it’s a bug that has hit me hard this year.
Girls who just seem to place in that sweet spot, or somehow managing the best truck, trailer, saddles…….


Dear Feeling Jealous,

This is a great awareness you’ve had, and definitely a bug that can hit anyone! It is a lot like a virus in that it can spread to others, you can be reinfected with it and it can fester within for a long time. Part of the strategy to starve off this jealousy virus is what you’ve done by asking. You’ve brought it into your awareness that it’s not something you want around. It’s out in the open now, so let’s talk about where this comes from, the risk of this bug and how to get rid of it. You might even be feeling a bit better just by getting it off your chest.

Jealousy is being envious of someone else or wishing you could have something someone else has. What it also does is put the energy out there that you’re not happy where you are at. According to the law of attraction, being in the energy of lack will attract more lack of what you want. Like attracts like.

We need a turnaround here. A turnaround is where we change our way of looking at something and change our perspective.

A turnaround for jealousy is to recognize that the things we notice as something we wish to have or experience can be yours too. They are in your awareness because they are a possibility for you. Isn’t that exciting to think that the Universe has all those things available to you too? When you look at these people that seem to have all the “luck” and all the goodies, know that all that is available for you too. That’s exciting, but how do we get there?

The first step in getting where you want to be and having all the goodness you long for is to be happy and grateful where you are now. I know you get that, but are you making it a practice? Do you have a gratitude journal? Even daily mental notes? Start now. I bet the saddle you have now is an upgrade from the one you started with and I bet the horse and trailer are better than what you started with. Express gratitude and appreciation for where you are now.

Being grateful for where you are now isn’t the end of the turnaround though. You can set goals and dreams of where you want to be, all while being grateful for where you are. Make a dream board, cut out pictures make a list of all the things you’d like to attract into your life. Ask yourself who you need to be and what you need to do to have all that you wish for. Deciding you’ll never have the money or never have the luck is the quickest way to repel all of that out of your life. Be open to the possibility that all of what you wish for can be yours.

Another tip would be to watch your words. Are you making declarations like “I NEVER fall into the right spot in the D’s” or “I ALWAYS hit the split wrong”? That’s basically an invitation for the Universe to align in such a way that those statements are true for you. Let’s turn that around and make statements like “I’m LUCKY”, “I make money winning runs” or saying nothing at all would even be better than declaring a negative.

Having feelings of jealousy is saying that you don’t think where you are and what you have is good enough. “I’m not enough” – I should be more” – “I should have more”. What if in fact, you were right where you were supposed to be, for the lessons you needed right now? You are enough. What if you were able to delete and destroy all the stories and limitations keeping you where you are? You can do that. Think about all the reasons you tell yourself why you don’t have all that “stuff” and “luck”. All these reasons and stories we tell ourselves are a big part of the gap between where we are and where we wish we were.

Jealousy creeps in on everyone, especially when we’re in a competitive game and mindset through our sport. The quickest way to starve off this bug is to turn it around. Using some of the tips above and just bringing all this into your awareness will help eradicate it. The happier and content you are where you’re at on your own journey will help you to stop comparing and wishing for what others have. When the “J” feeling sneaks in, use it as a chance to express gratitude and feel the excitement of the possibility of what’s in store for you in the future. Focus on the feeling of gratitude and possibility.

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