Money Mindset For Horse People Ep. 6

Listen to this episode for tips on how to use the Law of Attraction to attract money.  We’ll also debunk some common “myths” when thinking about your finances.

Show Notes:

One thing I notice with people in the horse world is that there is often a struggle with money.    In the barrel racing world I travel in, we’re generally not the type to have a $100,000 imported horse and ride with a trainer every lesson.  I don’t mean that to be judgy, I just say it to make the point. We often keep our own horses on our own farm or, if we do board, we’re finding the most economical place.  There are different worlds within the horse “world”. The one I’m talking about is the horse “world” where we work hard for every penny and we spend those pennies on our horses. (And, if we have extra pennies, we spend them on a new horse or a new saddle!)

Limiting beliefs affect our money mindset.  If you believe that money is easy to make, but hard to keep, that can be a limiting belief.   When you hold that limiting belief deep in your subconscious, it could make it hard for you to hang on to money.   I’ll likely go into depth talking about limiting beliefs sometime down the road, but for today, here’s what you need to know: limiting beliefs are thoughts we hold that aren’t necessarily true, but because we believe them, they become our truth.  Remember, thoughts become things. If we believe a limiting belief, that will become our reality.

Here are some examples I hear often:

  • “I’m horse poor”
  • “My horse must have known I was getting ahead so he wanted to see the vet”
  • “I’m broke”
  • “I can’t afford that”
  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
  • “I have to earn my keep”
  • “Rich people are snobs” 
  • “They are filthy, dirty rich”
  • “Money only comes from hard work”
  • “Money is the root of all evil”

Are these 100% true?  No!  But… our subconscious sometimes considers these to be the truth.  So, let’s think about these statements some more.

Are you really “horse poor” just because you spend money on horses?   No, you actually have great horses. If you consider your assets, you are probably very well-off.  If you consider how horses enrich your life, you’d likely consider yourself very “rich” with horses. 

Did your horse really plan that trip to the vet?  Not likely!

If you keep saying “I’m broke”, then the universe works to make that true.

When you say “I can’t afford that”, you are really choosing not to spend money on it.  If you really want something, you could find a way to afford it. (Like maybe selling those 7 Elliott Bits in your tack room 😉 

Money doesn’t grow on trees.   That is true – literally… However, when we repeat this phrase we are suggesting that money doesn’t come easily.   I want to believe that money does come easily, so I think “money comes to me with ease”. 

When you think “I have to earn my keep”, you associate your “deserving-ness” with money.  We are all deserving of money. Money can come to you with ease and you are still deserving of it.   

Are all rich people really snobs?   Nope! Some wealthy people might be snobby, but this statement just associates money with negative traits.  Rich people can be kind and generous. And if you become rich, you won’t necessarily become snobby, so don’t let that belief hold you back from your riches!

Does all money really “come from hard work”?  Have you ever received money when you didn’t work hard for it? Maybe a birthday gift?  It is possible to receive money without working hard.

Is money actually the root of all evil? No, that’s not true either.  Money is the source of much love and abundance. Evil can come from many areas that have nothing to do with money.   It is possible that people make poor choices related to money, but money is not the root of all evil.

Can you see how these common phrases can create a limiting belief?  If you’re thinking these things, you might be repelling money. Remember, thoughts become things.  Be careful what you think and what you say because you want to attract the right things into your life.  

I’ve been working with manifesting things into my life for over 20 years. Some of the first books that I read that got me intrigued were:  The Secret by Rhonda ByrneThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Harv Eker.  One of the first things I did when I read The Secret 17 or 18 years ago was write myself a cheque for $300,000 and post it on my office wall.  I chose $300,000 because, at that time, it would’ve been enough to pay my acreage off and buy a new house. I’m still waiting on the cheque, but that’s okay.   I did manifest the house and a way to pay for it. The thing about manifesting things is that you can’t have a timeline. It’s best if you don’t decide how you are going to get that money.    You just have to be open to receiving it as it comes, whenever it comes. This is how vision boards and “I am” journals work too. You’re setting an intention and sending it out to the universe.   It’s the law of attraction.  

My best advice would be to start watching your stories around money and start questioning whether what you’re saying is true or if it could be limiting you.   

Here’s an example:  Are you ordering water because you want water or because you think you’re too broke to spend the $3.00 on the drink you wanted?  I used to always order water as a kid because it was cheap and we had a family of 5 ordering drinks. Now, I question this. Do I really want to drink water or am I doing this out of habit?  When you make simple choices, you can repel money if you’re focusing on lack of money.
“I’m broke” and “I can’t afford…” are statements that will repel money.  “I don’t have the cash on hand to buy that right now” or “I’m choosing not to spend my money on that right now” are very different energies to put out there.  Celebrate any money you receive and focus on everything you have now.  You are a money magnet. Remember, thoughts become things.

I’m very aware of how I say things to my kids too.   When I’m asked if they can have something at the store, it’s easy to say “no we can’t afford that”. First, that’s not true.  Second, I’d be programming a lack mentality for them. Having been brought up through some tight times, I’ve been working on those things myself and I don’t want to put that on my kids.   I’ll say things like “I don’t think there’s good value in that for what it costs” or “No, that’s not something we’re going to spend our money on today”.

Change your perception of horses and money.  Focus on what you do have. YOU have a HORSE… maybe it's HORSES.  You are blessed and you are RICH! You choose to spend your money on horses and you love it.   They’re only a money pit if you look at it that way.

You are a money magnet.  Money comes to you with ease.   Money helps you make an impact in the world.

In the book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Harv Eker talks about celebrating money.  Every time you have money come in, celebrate.   Tell yourself “I am a money magnet” and keep faith that you are. Money is an energy and it really can flow to you easily, but starts with getting rid of all the limiting beliefs you hold about money and welcoming in money and celebrating it.

I feel like we might have some money breakthroughs for a few of you after this, so be sure to DM me and let me know so we can celebrate together!  At minimum, I hope I’ve planted some seeds for you. I hope you can start catching yourself in the lies and stories you tell yourself about money.

Remember:  You choose to spend money on horses.  You are rich with horses. You are a money magnet!



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