Episode 18. Raise Your Vibe To Win

We’ve all heard the expressions Good vibes only and Your vibe attracts your tribe or Raise your vibe.  But, what does it mean to raise your vibe?  In this episode, I’ll talk about raising your vibe and how this idea applies to working with horses.

What is your vibe?

Vibe means the energy that you’re vibrating at.  Everything is energy ( including you!) Every energy has a frequency. The higher your frequency, the better you feel. 

What are good vibes and bad vibes?

Higher vibes are going to feel good and light.  Higher vibes bring more flow to your life and things will work in your favor.  You’ll experience emotions like love, peace, happiness and joy.  

Lower vibes are not going to feel good.  This energy is heavy and dense. When your vibe is low, your problems will seem greater.  You’ll experience emotions like sadness, grief, anger, shame and resentment.  

When we are stuck in these low-vibe energies, we are likely to attract more of these feelings.  When we are operating at a higher vibration, we are more likely to attract experiences and feelings of that higher vibration.  Like attracts like. However, you don’t have to be stuck in a low-vibe energy forever!

Dr. David Hawkins developed the Map of ConsciousnessⓇ which he explains in his book, Power vs. Force.  He explained that there is a scale from lower vibration energies such as sadness, grief, resentment and anger to higher vibration energies such as joy, peace, happiness and enlightenment.  For the most part, people operate in the mid-range. When we work towards enlightenment, we work on moving to higher vibrations. Check out this Scale of Consciousness to see a visual.  

How can you raise your vibe?
✔Be conscious of your thoughts and words.  Your words carry energy. Thoughts become things.  You’ll vibrate at the energy that you speak.
✔ Be kind (to others and to yourself).
✔ Eat well.  Food carries energy too!  Healthy foods have a higher vibration energy than junk food.
✔ Drink water.
✔ Move your body.
✔ Practice gratitude. 
✔ Do things that make your heart sing.  Follow your passions.
✔ Meditate.
✔ Let go of negativity. 

How might you be lowering your vibe?
𝗫 Speaking negatively, gossiping, talking yourself down
𝗫 Eating foods that don’t serve your health
𝗫 Letting your body become stagnant
𝗫 Not feeding your soul with human experiences like travel, nature, and connection
𝗫 Being stuck in energies like resentment and grief

How does this relate to horses?     

Horses sense your vibe.  If you’re carrying negative energy, your horse won’t want to be with you and be your teammate.  Raise your vibe and you’ll be someone that your horse wants to hang out with. You’ll find that your horse looks at you differently when you raise your vibe.  They see your aura and your energy in your presence.  

How does this relate to competition?

If you operate at a higher vibration, you operate at the energy of a winner.  When you win, that feeling is a high-vibration energy. If you can come into competition with that high-vibe, you’re more likely to align with the win.  

If we don’t align with a win and things suck, but you still showed up at a higher vibration, it won’t feel so bad.  If you can sustain a high-vibe, you’ll know you are still awesome even when things don’t go well in the arena.

You don’t want to rely on wins to raise your vibe. If you rely on weekends of winning to bring you happiness, it can be hard to be happy all week while you wait to go compete again.  Relying on wins to raise your vibe can be dangerous because things happen – the ground might be poor or your horse might slip. We need tools to raise our vibe when we aren’t winning.  It can be dangerous when we allow our wins to dictate our vibe.

What I suggest is to live a high-vibe life so you feel good all the time, not just on the weekends when you do well.  Treat your body well. Be grateful. Raise your vibe. Live well.


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Mentioned in this Episode:

Based on Emoto’s idea that words can affect non-human subjects, other experiments have been undertaken.  For example, in The Flowers Experiment, plants were spoken to kindly or unkindly.

IKEA did a similar experiment with plants to demonstrate the negative effects of bullying.  See the results in this video.

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