I’m big on signs.  I’m open to receiving them from Spirit all the time.  I see number and animals signs, shape and colors signs.  Certain “things” have a certain meaning to just me, and others I rely on google and reference books to interpret.

An example of a sign would be when you see the same sequence of numbers more than one time in a day or two.  You see 321 on a license, your hotel room and you hear a little person doing a countdown.   Even two, in this case, would be merit to look up the number, the fact I noticed 321 on a license plate (something I don’t normally pay attention to).  I might look it up then too.

Animals: You see a hawk catching mice.   That’s a pretty natural thing (not a sign necessarily), but if you also have a hawk flying in front of your vehicle as if it were leading you,  that’s something that would make me pay attention.  If you have a hawk sitting in your yard or the railing of your deck (a weird place to be), chances are you missed the sign the first time so it had to up the ante.

I was on a competing canvas site several days ago and now I have canvas ads popping up in my feed.

Now where I’ve heard a few times now that people are seeing signs is on Facebook.   I’m not saying what you see on Facebook isn’t a sign.    I receive confirmation and validation through quotes and images that catch my eye all the time.   But just because I’m looking for a day planner and I see one come on my Facebook feed doesn’t mean that’s a sign I should for sure buy one or that, that’s the one I should buy.       The reason these “signs”  (cough) are showing up is that Facebook knows what we’ve been searching for and shows us ads based on our interests.    There are pixels I can add to my website to track you, and show ads specifically to people who have been to my website.   These are not signs, this is targetted marketing.

Facebook is intuitive in the sense it knows your needs, but it’s not a higher power sending you signs.  It’s a programmed algorithm that’s so good it’s a bit scary.      I didn’t buy the planner that Facebook suggested for me, but I did buy one, so here’s hoping Facebook is smart enough to stop showing me ads.

If you’re looking for signs on Facebook look for them to be things that back your hunch or another sign and look for organic shares from friends or pages you follow and make sure it’s not a sponsored ad.  You will see the word “sponsored” in gray type under the page name of the post.

Be open to receiving signs and you will see them.  It’s always fun to google the meaning of the said sign and then feel in your body which interpretation of the sign is meant for you.





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