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by Michelle Davey

As if it isn't “peopley” enough for my fellow empaths, the “peoples” tend to ramp up this time of year. Tis the season for frustrated shoppers in multiples brushing their icky vibes off on any feeler they can find down aisle 9.

If you're an empath you probably don't love going out of the house at the best of times, never mind when it's time to start Christmas shopping. When you do go out you probably come home drained and maybe even cranky.

You see as an empath, we can take on the energies of others around us. If those around us aren't carrying a high vibe, they can bring our vibe down. The lady ramming your calves with her cart at the checkout line – she can bring you down, and not just at the knees if you're not protected.

There are some things you can do to protect your energy and your glorious vibe and it starts with the awareness that you have an energy field, as so do the people around you.

When we're happy and feeling the love, we tend to be a ray of sunshine and let our energy out big. Imagine you have a bubble around you and when you're happy and flying at a high vibe – it's at its biggest.

Imagine your bubble is yellow. Now imagine everyone else has a bubble, but their bubbles are brown. There will be some rays of sunshine out there who have yellow bubbles too, but let us imagine the “others” in this example have brown bubbles.

In this example, I'm headed to Walmart. It's always peopley there right? I'm a super happy ray of sunshine, saying hello to everyone, smiling and interacting with those that make eye contact with me. Everyone I come in contact with leaves feeling great and super happy. I go home and crash as soon as the groceries and goodies are put away. I'm exhausted.

What happened is that my yellow bubble touched the “peoples” brown bubbles and now I have their brown “paint” smeared all over my yellow! We've had an exchange of energy and their energy was lower vibe than mine and has brought mine down. They have my yellow on their brown and they leave feeling all chipper. “What a nice girl that was in aisle 9 they're thinking. She's really making a difference in this world”.

Before you decide to either never go to Walmart again or shut right down and don't make eye contact with another soul, let me offer you a solution.

Rein your ray of sunshine in.

You can manage your energy. Using your imagination (because energy follows imagination) bring your yellow bubble (or whatever color you see) of sunshine in closer to your body so it's not touching everyone else's bubbles. If you want extra protection for dicey situations cover your yellow bubble with a layer of white light or imaginary silver (think tin foil 😉 ). Shed that layer of silver or extra protection as you get into your car and leave the crud you picked up incidentally – behind you.

You can still smile and interact with people if you chose, you don't have to be the Grinch to protect yourself. Use your imagination to protect your energy this holiday season. There are many other instances you may want to protect your bubble, I'm sure the staff party or family gatherings may also leave you drained. Give it a try and rein your bubble in!


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