Ways to work with me

Currently accepting applications to work with your horse.  In person or at a distance.   Emotional, soundness and health issues can be improved with an intuitive investigation and energy healing package.  More info.

The “Success Package” is an in person or at a distance coaching and healing combo package.  If you are near, let’s ride together and adjust your energy.  If afar, we can adapt and provide many tools for horse and rider to reach their highest goals over the phone. More.

Let’s work together to work on your choice of concerns.   Whether it be one on one “Mental Toughness” coaching or working to heal emotional or physical health issues, I’m here to walk beside you on your journey to health and/or success.  More info.

Using intuitive energetic techniques, we can determine the root cause of many health, performance, emotional and behavioral problems in your horse.    The same techniques can be used and have been developed for people.    We can help you improve your level of health, happiness and performance as an athlete.  Releasing these blocks restores balance to your body enabling it to heal naturally.  Many feel “lighter” or more “free” and most are able to recover gently, at a quicker rate.  We even see improvements in immune system function as your body functions in a more balanced state. Aside from emotional baggage, other factors that may contribute to issues include: toxins, pathogens, organ or structural misalignment’s, nutritional excess or deficiencies.     We will always dig to the root of the problem no matter what the issue. My “Success Package” works with horses and their riders to address any health concerns, but also to address any subconscious beliefs that may be keeping them from their ultimate success.   Most of what you put out to the world comes from a subconscious level, with beliefs you may not even know you have.   You can tell me you are a winner, but if your subconscious doesn’t think “I am a winner”, it’s going to be a continuous battle for success at the level you’d like.  We will work together, to uncover and clear any beliefs that aren’t serving you and your horse well.

Energy work does not substitute care and consultation with a medical professional such as a Doctor or Veterinarian.  I believe in all modalities and enjoy working with horse owners and people as a supplement and support to their current medical care professional. 
Working with horses has been a long time passion. In the fall of 2013, my equine interests took a dramatic turn. Always believing “everything is energy” I took that thought to a place I had never imagined. Through life changing healing work done on myself, I quickly learned I too could heal. As a horse owner, I was always thinking about how my horses could benefit from the same treatments. Working with them, I have found many positive changes both physical and emotional. I will always be a student, so you can count on me to have something new to offer with every visit and treatment. – Michelle

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