The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 114: What to do When Nothing Works

I think we all know the feeling of when you’ve been grinding it out and doing the work, but things are just not working out. In this episode, I’ll share how to shift that energy and find something good while you’re waiting for things to work out.

We’ve all been in the energy of things just sucking and not moving along. Maybe you just aren’t achieving the things you feel like you “should”. 

Remember that this is your perception that nothing is working. Someone else might see your situation as an opportunity. Keep in your mind that it might be someone else’s dream to be where you are.

You’re doing “the work”.  You’re reprogramming your subconscious and you’re more aware. You notice your limiting beliefs and you can reframe them. You’re putting in the practice and riding your horses. You’re breathing and grounding and working on your presence. 

You’re not as nervous anymore. You’re remembering your runs. Your horse is working well. You’ve taken some lessons, attended a clinic and got an outside opinion.

You’re doing all the things and you’re still not winning. Or you still haven’t created whatever level of success you’re looking for. This can be a very frustrating place to be. It can feel like you’re stuck for a really long time.

What I think needs to happen in order to receive what you’re after is that you need to be or grow into the person who is the person that has those things. 

So, are you already being that person or does your character need to expand a bit more?

Are there more lessons here for you to learn before moving to the next level in this game of life?

Are you coming at this desire from an energy of lack?

Are you able to recognize that problems are solved from a different perspective or energy than they were created?
How are you doing with your patience?

Are you truly aligned with that which you are looking to achieve?   

Are you trying to win a barrel race but you actually prefer team roping and feel more pulled in that direction?

Are you trying to achieve something that doesn’t align with what feels right in your heart?

What are you gaining from staying where you are?

There are a lot of questions to consider. As you can see, I can’t answer them for you, but I can give you some things to do:

Journal: Write down the questions above and journal about them.

Take a step back and put your situation in perspective: Is it as bad as you feel like it is?

Give it time: Have you really given it enough time to materialize?

Reassess: What is working? What needs to change?

Have faith: Are you in the gap between when you have things lined out and when the stars align? This is the gap that needs the most patience and tests your faith in yourself.

Trust Yourself: Do you truly trust yourself and the work that you’ve done?  Or are you second guessing yourself and at the same time sabotaging your success?

Look at your options for a plot twist: I’m not one for jumping ship to another trainer, but at a certain point maybe a different coach will help shift things for you.  Different eyes will find different holes in  your program and a change of energy for your team might be what you need.    

Shift your energy: Remember problems aren’t solved from the same energy that created them.    They require a different approach. So maybe it’s different help,  maybe it’s you looking from the outside in. Maybe it’s shifting your own energy through meditation or an ice cold bath.

Be kind to yourself: Have grace with yourself.  Know that there might be more lessons for you to learn before you achieve your next goal. 

Continue your mindfulness practice: As you do this, you might find your intuition strengthens.   Listen to the hits you get, the pulls, the feelings, the random thoughts to contact someone with a question; they’re not random and the more you follow these hits the more you’ll get and the more you will trust them. 

Adjust your attitude: Ask a better question. Instead of asking Why isn’t this working? ask What is making this work out in my favour?  Why are things really going so well for me?  or What can I do so that things turn around for me? You might not get an answer right away, but when you put it out there the clarity will come. 

The universe is not out to get you.  It conspires in your favor all the time. 

Sometimes we don’t know why things are the way they are and why things aren’t working out how they should. 

I bet you can look back at times where things weren’t working out how you thought they would, but it ended up turning out even better than you could have planned for yourself. 

You’re not in control over the timeline, things are going to work out for you. Keep looking for the lessons and the opportunities on every street and every corner. 

Things really are working out in your favor even if it feels real hard right now. It’s up to you to keep looking for the good wherever you’re at. 

And while you wait for your time…breathe deep, stay present and ride the stride. 

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