The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 123: Joy Tuesday – An Experiment

Consider this your invitation to join me for my Joy Tuesday experiment.  In this episode, I’ll share some ways that you can implement Joy Tuesday in your life. Let’s see if we can create a movement to elevate our vibrations and access the energy of joy!

A few months ago, I shared that I was implementing Joy Tuesday in my life. The idea is simple: creating intentional moments of joy. 

Joy is a feeling I can have a hard time accessing. Joy is natural, but I have a hard time with allowing myself to feel joy.  My goal is not to feel joyous all the time, but to create small moments of joy. Through practice, I want to get better at being in the energy of joy. I also want to get better at being present and noticing the joy in my life. 

This is an exploration of what brings you joy and what lights you up. 

So often, we’re just trying to keep up with all the things that need to happen in a day rather than taking time to think about all the things we could do to light ourselves up.

Joy can be found in very small moments.

Some ways to bring joy might include:

  • a walk in nature
  • savouring a sweet treat
  • enjoying a good book and a cup of tea
  • a planned fun experience with family
  • treating someone else
  • giving a donation 

Yesterday, my kids weren’t at school. My daughter invited me to play horses and told me that I’m “a really good player”.  I asked myself how could I find joy in the experience and allowed myself to get caught up in her joy. I had to be intentional to create a joyful experience. 

You can create joyful moments. You can allow them to come to you because you’re present and aware.  

Why did I pick Tuesday?

It was a good day for my schedule. It’s also a forgotten day. It doesn’t have to be Tuesday.  It just has to get done. Having a specific day can help you stay accountable. 

Joy Tuesday can be any day, it’s simply the intentional act of creating joy for yourself. 

I find this practice different from self-care or self-love because I have found in the process I’m learning more about myself and what really does light me up. This is about intentionally accessing the vibration of joy. 

Join the experiment and implement #joytuesday into your life! 

Let me know how it goes, tag me in your Instagram stories or your Facebook posts and show me where you’re creating joy in your life. 

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