The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 132: Becoming Aware Of The Energy You’re Subscribing To

When we comment, text or engage in any type of conversation, whether it be in person or especially online, we are subscribing to an energy. There is an energetic thread through this conversation that we are connecting to, which is exposing us to the energy of those that we connect to. By bringing this into your awareness you’ll be better able to make an informed decision as to whether you want to “subscribe” to the energy or take a step back from a conversation that has your attention. Give this one a listen if you’d like tips on how to decide if you should chim in or not.

When we’re face-to-face with somebody. It’s easier to recognize that there would be an exchange of energy, but perhaps you haven’t thought of that either that when you are conversing with somebody face-to-face that there would be energy coming your way and energy going their way within the conversation. There’s a reason why sometimes people make you feel better after you’ve been around them, and it’s not just their words that are saying that that have been said, that impact that. And there’s also a reason why you feel not as good after having a conversation with some people. There is a reason that some of these conversations feel charged, that you get up in arms, you get your hair up on the back of your neck. There is a reason why you’re having a reaction in your body to things that have been said or how people are making you feel. But I don’t think people recognize that there is also an exchange of exchange of energy when we are having a conversation and exchange of messages on social media or through texts.

Sometimes you can read a message and feel like you feel that they were mad, even though if you read those words back, you would, you wouldn’t necessarily hear anger in them. But there is an energy that is attached with every conversation, with every note, and some people are more sensitive to it than others. And it gets a little bit interesting because there can be energy sent with it, but when it’s received it can be clouded. The view at which you’re reading these messages could be clouded by the energy that you’re in, where you are, in your nervous system when you read it, or any previous triggers or dramas that you’re holding, attached to the conversation that you’re having. But the point of my conversation that I want to have today is just how any conversation, whether it’s in person or through social media or your phone, has an energy attached to it. There is an energy of thread attached to every conversation. So just imagine that the words are coming to you in a ball coated in pudding or glitter. Let’s use glitter, that’s less, I wouldn’t say it’s less messy but less sticky. So there’s glitter on this ball of energy. I’m sending you a ball of energy and you reply to me: the glitter energy stick to the energy represented by glitter, is stuck to your hands and then you put your colour out, glitter on the ball when you catch it and then you throw it back to me so energetically. We’re creating a connection through this energy going back and forth, represented by the glitter. At this point. Now there can also be a thread or cord of energy that’s created through a more continuous pass back and forth of this energy, and I think that we have to be aware and really careful with the conversations that we engage in, and I would encourage you to pause and ask yourself: do I really want to subscribe to that energy before you start and engage with somebody? Do I want their glitter on me? Do I have the emotional capacity at this moment to hold and handle what might come back at me? Maybe I don’t like their glitter color something right?

Maybe I don’t want to have that interaction. Sometimes when we’re scrolling social social media and we may know something, or we have an opinion based on what somebody’s posted, whether we agree with them or disagree with them, or we have a completely different perspective, I really feel like there is a benefit to pausing, asking. Is this something I want to subscribe to because it is not just leaving that comment and ending there. It’s getting that notification when somebody else comments to it. It’s getting that reply that somebody disagrees with you and that you need to reply again to make your point. It is an attachment to your attention and your energy. Once you’ve decided to commit to this and, I will admit, I have commented on things and deleted it after I’ve recognized. No, I don’t want to. I don’t want to bring this up. I have commented on something posted. It saw where the conversation was going and I hopped it out. Maybe I’m a chicken for not standing up to my opinion, but I just did not like the energy that was attached to that conversation and I did not want any more part of it.

Sometimes I’ve made my made my point and then unsubscribed from the notifications so that I can go back and check it on my own time, but so that I’m not continuously notified and having my energy pulled away from what’s important to me after I’ve moved on from that, as I’ve said, when we’re in person it feels like this would be more logical or more most make more sense, that we would have a connection. But I think many of us forget at times that energy has no bounds. And when you’re being a keyboard warrior or maybe a keyboard hero because you’ve got something to say or something to comment, you’re also connecting energetically to that conversation and, if you think about it, the smart phones and social media. This has really connected us to a lot more conversations than we’ve ever been part of. So just think of all the places that your energy is being pulled to in different places across country, different conversations that you’re part of all because of the internet and smartphones. It’s much different than when we are at a horse show or at a barrel racing and we make the decision to go and speak to somebody. You recognize in that moment that you are going to take on that energy, of that conversation, energy of those people. But I think we forget about how many conversations we can be involved in at an energetic level, at a distance, and energy does not know any bounds. That is how I can connect and heal with people all across the world, horses across the world, and that’s also how I feel this energy and this connection, all of these connections that you’re making online. They have an impact. They will impact your vibration, they can drag you down, they can also lift you up.

I have a lot of friends that are just online friends that lift me up, that cheer for me that are part of my circle that I really love and care for. It is. I’m not seeing that social media is bad. That is a bad place to connect with people. You can also connect in a very, very good and uplifting way as well, but I think that we forget about the energetic impact that this is having on us. Whether it is good or bad, maybe we’re not giving it enough credit or maybe we’re just not paying attention to where we’re being distracted by all these energy ties and connections. We’re going to have very unfulfilling conversations through the internet because we decided to time in and connect and subscribe to a conversation.

Basically, what we’re doing is subscribing to the energy. They’re not always going to light you up and I think some questions that we can ask ourselves before we decide.
– Am I going to subscribe to this conversation?
– Is this going to be productive?
– Is it necessary?
– Is it kind?
– Am I benefiting energetically from this conversation? You very well could be.
– Am I going to learn something from this conversation? Then it’s worth subscribing to, right, worth connecting to it.
– Is this conversation that I’m having true?
– Am I making a difference by contributing to this conversation in a positive way?

Perhaps this isn’t about learning something you’re benefiting from something. Maybe you’re going to light someone else up, maybe you’re going to make them laugh or make their day better. As long as it’s not at the expense of someone else, then go for it. Is this something that’s important to you? Is it important enough to engage with those that don’t ally with a line with my values or way of thinking? As an example, where I engaged with something and quickly questioned whether I should have? Was there was a conversation going on on the municipal facebook group Municipality that my home is in and there was a lot of, I don’t want to say, lies being spread because I feel like it was more misinformation. People were misinformed and didn’t have the right information, which I happened to have some facts behind from some knowledge that I have about the industry that they were speaking about. And I thought: do I want to comment on here? Because I can see the other people that are having conversations in here.

They’re not people I would normally go and talk to. I would not converse with these people. But it was important to me that the truth be shared on that topic. So I shared and I was in for it. I had somebody replying to me, giving me all of the stuff that he was misinformed and what he was receiving and thought I was ridiculous for what I was sharing. So then I had to bring, go and get the screen captures to prove what I was saying and to back up this information that I was saying that really was true and facts, and you know the on and on that. I really I didn’t have time for that, nor did I really care, but I just really cared that that people had were basing their decisions off of truths, not misinformation. It impacted me and it made me squirm. I did not like it. So for this reason I know that you guys are all thinking about times when you’ve done this, and this is why I bothered you is because there really is an energetic exchange.

So now you’re conversing with somebody online that you normally wouldn’t carry a conversation with likely. So I’ve talked about what you’re getting out of the conversation, but I also think that we have to be aware of what we’re giving in the conversation. What kind of vibes and energy are you sending with your comments and conversation? And as I’m saying this, I’m thinking Michelle, you’re the pot calling the kettle black, because I know in this particular conversation that I gave you the example, for I did reply with some sarcasm, which likely wasn’t necessary, and you know I love, accept and deeply forgive myself for all of that. But that happens. We do have to be careful of what we’re sending back as well, be kind and responsible with your interactions and and maybe trying to elevate the conversation if it’s not going in a direction that is higher vibration. I’m just not sure, and I wanted to bring to our attention, that there really is an energetic impact that you’re having on someone else, that they’re having on you, and we really have a responsibility around this, because words matter, but so does energy and so does the intention behind your words. I just really encourage you to be kind and responsible with your interactions and bring this into your tent for your consideration. You’re an energetic being and every connection and any conversation is leaving an energetic trace on you. Some of them are more impact than others. Some require more disconnection, energetically, perhaps some energetic releasing and cleansing from that conversation. But this is just something to keep in mind and remember the next time you’re looking to engage, whether it’s online or in person, you’re subscribing to that energy that comes from those people and those conversations. Now, of course, there’s several different energy tools, cleansing techniques that you can use, protection mechanisms that you can protect yourself from this. But maybe before you get there, ask if you even need to subscribe to something that you would need protection from right like energetically.

Another question I ask is like: do I have the capacity right now to hold all of this? Should I even subscribe and open the door to this energetic conversation in the energy that I’m in right now, and what I’ve noticed I’ve recognized in myself and seen in others, is sometimes we engage in these things as a bit of a distraction from what we’re actually dealing with. But we’re bringing what we’re dealing with into these conversations so energetically. We’re probably not in the right place to see things with a clear mind, to not read into these replies while bringing in this filter that we have from where we’re at in our nervous system right now and the interpretation that we’re likely to make, because it’s all about perception right. Somebody could say: have a good day and you could take it as have a good day or you could take it as have a good day right, depending on where you’re at and what you’ve picked up already from the vice of this conversation. So it depends on where you’re at and you’re thinking the filter which you’re seeing through things through and also the person who is receiving it where they’re at. There are so many things that can mess up a conversation, especially when it’s text-based whether it’s through a text or through social media. We really have less control over how. The well, it’s not that we can ever control it, but we have less of a reed on how where the person is that when they’re receiving the message, then we would if it’s in person. But yet we still have these energetic ties that I wanted to make you aware of.

So you want to make sure that you can hold this conversation without it ruining your day. If this conversation ends up falling off the rails because you don’t have a good energetic reed on where the other person is at or you haven’t paid attention to where you are at before you reply. So it’s kind of like stop, drop and roll, but it’s more of like a pause. Is this necessary? Is this kind? Is this productive? You know, ask these questions before you commit to subscribing, so you don’t have to go back and you know, delete things after the fact when you or or get in a big hairy mess and finish something you’ve started, it’s going to be one way or another that you’re all in, or you bow out and just say no more. So before you get in there, just really ask these questions, ponder whether it’s not something that you’re wanting that you would benefit from subscribing to, or that somebody else that you could really make a difference for someone else by having you part of this conversation as well, until next time, breathe deep, stay present and ride the stride.

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