Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 18: You Deserve To Enter

In this episode I talk about how many of us were raised on the belief that if you don’t ride during the week, you don’t deserve to go on the weekend. I believe this can be a limiting belief and is likely the reason many women have quit competing or quit horses all together. Especially when they get to the “making meals, changing diapers, moving water trucks, baling hay, working full time and driving a combine” stage of life. While it can be difficult to motivate young people without the use of shame, I think we need a better strategy. I believe you still deserve to be there if you missed a few days of riding this week. There needs to be a balance of maintaining a horse’s fitness level and a life away from horses. You deserve to be there, that has nothing to do with how much you rode this week. Give this one a listen and get yourself some permission to seek this balance.

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