The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 45: The Highly Sensitive Horseperson

10 years ago, I didn’t even know that being a highly sensitive person was a thing. Once I learned that I am a highly sensitive person, it changed my life. Whether you are a highly sensitive person or not, I think you can learn from this episode.

When I learned about highly sensitive people, it was life-changing. I know that many of you are highly sensitive. I first learned about being highly sensitive when my Mom gave me a book by Elaine Aaron. It helped me better understand myself and my children.

According to Elaine Aaron, 15-20% of the population is highly sensitive. It was liberating for me to know I wasn’t the only “different” or “weird” one out there. My guess would be that an even greater number of horse people are highly sensitive because we are drawn to animals. 

You may be highly sensitive if:

  • You are easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input

  • You are aware of subtleties of your environment

  • Others’ moods affect you

  • You are very sensitive to pain

  • You withdraw during busy days

  • You are moved by arts or music

  • You are easily startled

  • You try hard to avoid mistakes

  • You are distracted or angry when hungry

  • You find it unpleasant to have a lot going on at once

  • You get nervous in competition

You can see the full Are you a highly sensitive person? checklist from Elaine Aaron here.

Many of the highly sensitive traits are seen as bad, but can actually be used as strengths. For example, highly sensitive people are often very empathetic and intuitive. 

Being highly sensitive isn't something that needs to be fixed.

There's nothing wrong with you (or me!). You actually have an advantage if you look at it that way. For example, you may know when others are uncomfortable. You might pick up on vibes others do not. You probably have a creative side. You may read your animals easily. You might have a great appreciation for nature. You could have a great imagination.

If you are not highly sensitive, I hope this episode helps you better understand the highly sensitive friends in your life.

If you are highly sensitive, know that you are just tuned in to different things than other people. Remember to look at the positives of being highly sensitive. Use your sensitivity as an advantage. 


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