Competing with horses takes more than just horsemanship. It takes a mindset that can handle pressure and an attitude of perseverance. Each Thursday, join Michelle Davey in the Rider’s Mind Podcast as she takes a unique approach to help you create the results you want in the arena. You’ll learn why you’re at where you are, and how you can become a more confident and focused leader for your horse. It all starts with making changes from the inside out.


Episode 18: Raise Your Vibe To Win

Episode 18. Raise Your Vibe To Win We’ve all heard the expressions Good vibes only and Your vibe attracts your tribe or Raise your vibe.  But, what does it mean to raise your vibe?  In this episode, I’ll talk about raising your vibe and how this idea...

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Go Judgment Free

Episode 16. Go Judgment Free Have you ever thought of having a judgment-free day?  No judging yourself and no judging others? Just taking everything in.  In this episode, I’ll share more about this idea of going judgment-free. Becoming more aware of the...

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Earn Your Keep

Episode 15. Stop Trying To "Earn Your Keep" If you’re the entitled type and you think you’re God’s gift to the human race, this episode is not for you.  You already know what a gift you are. If you feel like you always need to be working hard to earn...

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Get A Better Friend In Your Head

Episode 14. Get A Better Friend In Your Head I’d be a little worried if you have multiple voices in your head, but most of us really do have one voice in our head.  In this episode, I’ll talk about having a kind voice in your head.  Many of us have a...

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Riding From The Inside Out

Episode 13. Riding From The Inside Out Have you ever played sports and had a really poor coach?  One that wasn’t a good leader, who didn’t build you up, who was insecure and hard to follow?    Now imagine that you are your horse’s coach. Do you see how...

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Accepting Imperfection

Episode 12: Accepting Imperfection You are not perfect. I’m not perfect. Your horse is not perfect.  Yet, for some reason, many of us have expectations of perfection.   In this episode, I’ll explain how perfectionism can affect your riding and I’ll share...

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Episode 11: How to Know Where You’re Limiting Yourself

Episode 11: How to Know Where You’re Limiting Yourself When I learned about limiting beliefs and how they were impacting my life, it was a game-changer for me.  Once I was able to step away from my limiting beliefs, I accomplished many new things. In this...

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Episode 10: How To Win More

The Rider’s Mind Episode 10: How to Win More You know the saying, look after your nickels and dimes and the dollars look after themselves? Or look after your pennies and the pounds will look after themselves?  The same idea can be applied to winning: look...

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Episode 9 The Art Of Reframing

The Art Of Reframing - Ep. 9 We all know about the power of positive thinking, but it’s just not human to be positive all the time.   So when the negative thoughts creep in, we need a plan.  That’s where reframing comes in. In this episode, you’ll learn...

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