Competing with horses takes more than just horsemanship. It takes a mindset that can handle pressure and an attitude of perseverance. Each Thursday, join Michelle Davey in the Rider’s Mind Podcast as she takes a unique approach to help you create the results you want in the arena. You’ll learn why you’re at where you are, and how you can become a more confident and focused leader for your horse. It all starts with making changes from the inside out.


How To Get Out Of A Rut

Episode 7:  How to get out of a rut Whether you’re in a rut now or have been there before, listen to this episode for tips on how to get out of a rut. If you like what you’re hearing on this podcast, join The Rider’s Mind Facebook Group for more tips and...

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Money Mindset For Horse People

Money Mindset For Horse People Ep. 6 Listen to this episode for tips on how to use the Law of Attraction to attract money.  We’ll also debunk some common “myths” when thinking about your finances. Show Notes: One thing I notice with people in the horse...

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3 Actionable Tips To Help You Focus

3 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Focus in The Competition Arena Ep. 5 Focus is being able to keep your mind on the task at hand.  It is very important when we work with horses and compete. When we are in the arena, focus involves not being distracted by...

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Mindfulness Tips For Horse People

Mindfulness Tips For Horse People Ep. 4 Listen to this episode for great tips on how to be more mindful, which can lead to a better relationship with your horse.     Show Notes: What is mindfulness? Well, it’s not about a FULL mind.  It is the mental state...

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Are You “Enough”?

Are You Enough? - Ep. 3 If you’re the kind of person that is always trying to do more, be more, achieve more.. you might want to listen to this episode on enoughness.   Show Notes: What if we have “I am not enough” programmed into our subconscious mind? ...

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Is Your Energy Impacting Your Horse?

How Your Energy Impacts Your Horse - Ep. 2 Have you ever been around someone super cranky and you couldn’t get away from them fast enough?  What if you are that person to your horse? Listen to this episode to learn more about how your energy impacts your...

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What if you could never fail? – Ep. 1

What if you could never fail? Episode #1 - The Rider's Mind Podast If you could learn to never fail again, would you go for it?  What would you do tomorrow if you knew you only had to fail one more time before you had your big breakthrough?   In this...

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