Join me (Michelle Davey), your guide to “Unbridled Living” as we step out of the boxes we’ve been put in (and created ourselves) and unleash our unique potential.   Whether it’s life in general,  business or in the competition arena, breaking free from the beliefs, stories and paradigms we carry opens a whole new world and welcomes the expansive life you deserve.

Episode 3: Why Living Unbridled Feels Hard

Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 3: Why Living Unbridled Feels Hard Living “unbridled” can be one of those easier said than done things. I’m not even sure it’s something we master, it’s simply something to be intentional about. In this episode I talk about the forces...

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Episode 2: Lessons From Not Dying

Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 2: Lessons From Not Dying In this episode we’re reminded to live. Each day we are closer to death, so why wait to start living an “unbridled life” and the one you dream of? I share several stories of people being spared death by a...

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Episode 1: The Beginning

Unbridled Living Podcast Episode 1: The Beginning Every new book starts with an introduction setting the scene. In this inaugural episode of “Unbridled Living”, I share where we’ve been and where we’re going. The thing is, your ideal performance state is not simply...

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Episode 145: The End

The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 145: The End This wasn’t something I had planned at all, but it is something I know with my heart and soul is the right thing to do. It’s not just for me, but for you too. This is the end of the Rider’s Mind Podcast and the beginning...

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Episode 144: Two Good Things

The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 144: Two Good Things We are wired for negativity so we must make an intentional effort to rewire or override that programming. It is easy to declare a “bad ride” even when 90% of it actually went really well. In this episode I share...

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Episode 143: Your Inner Authority

The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 143: Your Inner Authority In this episode I encourage you to get intune with your own knowing. Stop giving away your power to someone else while betraying your own knowing. It’s excellent to ask for help and seek out professional...

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