The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 111: Thoughts Become Things



What are you thinking about? If thoughts become things, what are you creating? If you look at the life you have now, can you think back to see how you created this reality? Is this the life you thought about most?  The one that you feared most? Did you create this life?  We have the power to create good things with our thoughts. In this episode, I’ll share how you can focus your thoughts to bring about good things!

Thoughts become things, especially when there’s an emotion attached to it.

You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.”-Wayne Dyer

What are you subconsciously intending? We have a lot of thoughts that run rogue sometimes, which is why practicing mindfulness is so important. So often, what comes up in our mind is based on our fears, rather than facts and truth. 

“In my early life my mother tried to create a nurturing environment in which my mind could play. Her big rule was “never lose in your imagination.”  She told me that thoughts were things and that I would become the thing I thought of most.   This kind of empowerment is crucial to creative thinking.”  – author Joey Reiman

This kind of empowerment is also critical to have a competitive edge.  Never lose in your imagination. 

Are you thinking about how you didn’t win? Are you thinking about how you’re not good enough?  Are you thinking about how things are not going your way?

What you think about comes about.  

The reticular activating system in our brain is like a filter that brings out what you’re focused on. If you don’t notice what you’re thinking about, you might get focused on your fears rather than the positive things you want to bring about.

For example, when your horse cuts itself, you want it to heal.   Are you seeing it getting better or are you looking at all the ways it’s not healed yet? Are you doting on it because you’re afraid it might turn bad or are you celebrating how quickly it is healing?

Is your intention on love and healing and looking for a positive outcome or are you focused on the fear of how this might turn out? 

It takes a lot of emotional control to focus on the positive. Believing in a higher power helps me find some peace with the things I can’t control.

Become present to your thoughts. Get curious about them and ask questions.
Why do you think the things you’re thinking?
Are these thoughts actually mine?
Did we pick this belief up from someone else?
Are these beliefs true to me?
Is that belief serving you or is it limiting you?

When you are manifesting your desires, do you find yourself shocked?

The idea that it’s too good to be true is a limiting belief.

This is an example that can also be attached to your self worth. Inside, do you believe that you’re worth having what you’re looking to manifest?

For example, I’d like a new car but when I test drive them I feel like I don’t belong. That is a clue that you’re going to have a glitch in the manifesting system. Either it will take longer to receive or you’ll self- sabotage by routing the money elsewhere. 

If you don’t feel like a winner on the inside and you don’t feel like you’re deserving of a winning horse, it will be difficult to receive that and keep that in your life. 

There are also threads and attachments here around our perceived safety. Maybe we want to win, but we don’t like attention. Therefore, at a subconscious level, we are counter-manifesting that win because it isn’t something that feels safe to us. 

It’s complex once we start to unravel this, right?  I said to one of my Stride members that life as an adult is like a kids unwrapping game where we keep peeling back the layers until we find the gift that we are. That inner gift is what God sees in us. 

We might not get through all the layers, but as we peel back all the conditioning and limiting beliefs, we are elevated and our ability to expand and grow increases and starts to build momentum as we’re unwrapping.

Next month, in Stride we are going to dig back into the stories we tell and the limiting beliefs we carry that end up sabotaging our efforts and keep us from manifesting our desires. 

Abundance in all capacities is our birthright, we need to get back to believing that.

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