The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 62: Signs and Symbols

If you often see repeating number patterns or notice certain symbols or animals, you’ll be interested in this episode. I talk about how you can ask for symbols and signs, how to start seeing them and where to go to figure out what they mean. 

Recently, I’ve been relying on signs and symbols to show me the way. I try to be aware of symbols and signs. Sometimes I forget about this tool, but lately I’ve been asking a higher power for some symbols to guide my way. 

If we are willing to accept the support of the spirit world and the collective unconscious, we will be well supported. 

There are spirit guides, angels and higher powers waiting for you to ask for help. Once you ask, you might start seeing signs for what you need to know to move forward. Just ask the question in your mind, What do I need to do to move forward? Then, be open to receiving an answer.

One type of sign is repeating numbers. If you notice 222 or 444, just research what the number symbol means and see what resonates with you. You could try Willow Soul for one site which explains number patterns. 

You might also have animal messengers. If you notice an animal, it might be a sign. You might see the animal over and over again. You might note unusual animal behaviour. I often refer to Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer to decode animal messages. One animal messenger I noticed this week was a snake in my barn. I seldom see them, but when I saw this one, I knew that it meant great change and great healing. 

If you hear or see repetitive messages, that can also be a sign. You might pick up a few words from a nearby conversation. You might see those same words in your environment. Then maybe you talk to your partner about something and the same phrase comes up again. That repetitive message is a sign for you to follow. 

Your own Freudian slips can also be a message. If you misspeak a word, it might be a sign to you. Think about what meaning that slip of your tongue might have.

Objects and nature can also present signs. You might take meaning when you see a coin or a feather in an unusual place. 

I’ll share an example of how nature can give us signs. I saw a rainbow over one of my horses in the pasture when I’d recently purchased her and was having some doubts. I was hoping to breed her and she wasn’t in foal. I researched the meaning of rainbows and found it was a symbol of blessings, joy and new hope. I hope that this optimistic sign will lead to positives on my journey with this horse. I was also dealing with some soundness issues for a horse who had an abscess. I took a picture of the horse’s hoof and the sun’s reflection created a rainbow over the area. I also took this as a positive sign of hope and healing. That was my inspiration for sharing the ideas in this episode.

You can take signs and symbols to an extreme. You don’t want to take it too far, but it can be helpful to release some choices, fears and worries to a higher power. Be open to receiving feedback. 

You don’t need to have all the answers, just be aware, be present, and be open to receiving guidance.


Resources mentioned in this episode
Book: Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer
Book: The Secret Language of Signs by Denise Linn
Website: Willow Soul

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