The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 119: How to Make More Time

We’re all juggling a lot of balls. We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire. It seems like there is never enough time for the things you love to do. In this episode, I’ll tell you how to make more time for yourself and your horse activities.

Some physicists have concluded that time is an illusion, it doesn’t exist in the way we see it. That has not been conclusive, but I think we can agree that time is relative: everyone experiences time differently.

One thing I know for sure is that if you’re declaring you don’t have time, you won’t have time.

When you’re trying to make more time and fit in more horse time, keep in mind that talking about your lack of time is not helpful. Also remember that your experience of time is relative. Some people can pack so much into a day and others feel like they can’t get anything done. 

What we prioritize and schedule is often what we get done. When we complain about time and talk about how busy we are and think about everything we need to do, we’re often using time that we could’ve just used to do the tasks we need to complete. 

Instead of saying I don’t have time for that, try I’m not making this a priority right now and see how that feels. 

If you aren’t holding space for yourself and prioritizing yourself, all the other little things will take up your time. 

Sometimes, people say “I’m so busy” as a complaint or a point of pride. Notice if you talk about how busy you are. Complaining or bragging about being busy are not helpful.

“Busy” is relative. We’ve all been triggered by the person who complains about being busy and it would appear they have a lot of flex time. There really are people that have too much on their plate to sustain in a healthy way, but we have to remember we have a choice. 

The important part is to decide what is truly important to you. 

We each hold beliefs about time. You might hold the belief that you need to be busy all the time to be a productive member of society or to be financially stable. Maybe you think that it’s best to have your kids in 19 different activities to keep them busy. Are these things really true or is being busy just an addictive pattern for you? 

I’d like to share my perspective on time. 

I am self-employed and I have 2 children in school and horses to ride. My husband and I are both self-employed, which allows us a lot of flexibility. I have also worked outside the home and worked the 9-5 job in the past. I’ve been through burnout and health issues because I’ve tried to do all the things. I’m also really good at wasting a lot of time and not riding because I didn’t make it a priority. 

Based on my observations and experience, people with “less time” get more done

I can get a lot more done with a couple hours of focused and effective work when I feel like I’m short on time and I don’t have a whole day to get things done. 

I get more done if I have a list and a schedule. I really resist schedules, but I’m learning that freedom comes from the schedule. I intentionally built a life where I have flexibility, but without a schedule I can end a day without getting important things done, so I use a schedule. How you move through your schedule is a choice and this is where you can be flexible.

How to make more time:

Set your priorities and decide on what’s most important each day. Make sure you are a priority on your own to do list. You are worth it. It’s not selfish to make time for yourself. 

Know your style and what works for you. Find the best time for you to work and set up rewards for yourself.

We all get to choose what we put in that 24 hour day.

Find a balance between rest and work and play. Only you can take personal responsibility for yourself, your growth and your mental health.

Listen to your stories. What narrative are you telling about time? Whatever you’re saying is your truth so I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong, but is there a different truth you could tell that would serve you better?  

Look at where you’re wasting time or not spending it well. Where are you spending time on activities that aren’t moving you towards your goals? Start with looking at your phone consumption and TV time.

Look at where you can stack habits or be more efficient with your time. Maybe instead of replying to emails on the toilet, you practice a session of box breathing. Maybe you listen to a course while you’re driving. Maybe you do squats while your coffee perks or drop for a plank while you have lunch in the microwave. Or maybe multitasking isn’t the answer, but you move through each task systematically and efficiently. 

Stop thinking about the things and actually do them. Write a list so you’re not thinking about things and can just make a record of what needs done, then get started on the first item on that list.

Make a plan and a schedule. For example, take 30 minutes on Sunday to make a meal plan for the week so you remember to take the meat out so you’re not taking any time figuring out what to eat on Thursday instead of riding another horse. Be disciplined in making a plan. 

Make a commitment. Give your word to yourself. Tell someone what you’re doing so you have some accountability. Make a plan and stick to it. Activate your dedication. 

Many of us hold back because we know a different version of ourselves than we’re being right now will have to show up. 

Growth doesn’t always feel good. It can feel safer to stay where you are. 

You have a choice as to how you will move towards your goals. Everything does not have to fall apart when you set your mind to something. 

No one but you, can choose you. Put yourself and your dreams and passions on the schedule. 

What if choosing yourself is the answer to the test the universe has been giving you before it delivers your dreams? Then would you take a chance on you?

Making more time for what you want to do means you are going to have to pick you first! You have to make yourself a priority and you’re the only one that can do that. 

If improving your mental toughness and your competitive mindset is on your radar for 2022 and you’re looking for support in choosing you… I can help with that. 

I’m currently accepting members for Mental Toughness Bootcamp, where we will be working in a virtual gym environment to practice our skills. It will take some time to practice these skills so I hope this episode has helped you see some ways to find the time to focus on you. 

You are worth choosing and making a priority. 

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