The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 59: Get Comfortable with Pride  

We all want to win and find success, but when we get to the top, there can be some awkward feelings. Sharing your success on social media or talking about your wins can feel like you’re bragging. You might feel like you’re saying you’re better than others, even though that’s not the case. In this episode, I’ll dig into those awkward feelings you might have about sharing your success. It’s time to get comfortable with pride!

How can I be more comfortable being proud of myself?

It’s easy for me to just say own it girl or it’s yours – celebrate that win. Instead, let’s unpack why you’re feeling this way to start with. Why do you feel awkward talking about your success? Have you been taught to be humble and not boastful? 

If you have a hard time talking about your success, you might also have difficulty accepting a compliment rather than brushing it off. Recognize that the root of these issues might be similar. These kinds of feelings might come from different sources, so I’ll share with you some possible causes for discomfort in sharing your success (plus some ways for shifting your thinking to embrace that pride!)

It’s interesting that we seem to have no problem taking criticism to heart. We can learn to do that with compliments and achievements too.

Let’s dig into the root of these awkward feelings and why we can’t just embrace the success to start with.

One of the reasons things get complicated is that your ego gets involved when you are competing. 

In competition, you are trying to be better than someone else. Competition separates you from others. But when you want to share your results, you don’t want to seem like you are saying you’re better than someone else. Remember, when you share your success, you are not actually saying you are better than others. Your time simply ranked you a little faster than others that day. You were faster. You did win money. It doesn’t make you better than someone else. 

Bragging and boasting comes from insecurity and a need to prove your worth. If you’re sharing to have one up on someone, that’s very different than if you’re sharing because you’re happy with what you’ve done. If you’re sincerely sharing the facts of your success, then it’s easier to feel better about it. 

It can be difficult to talk about your success if you don’t feel like you deserve it. 

In this case, no matter how awesome you were out there, you can’t accept it because you don’t believe you are deserving. Sometimes, if you don’t feel worthy of praise or deserving of your accomplishments, it can be hard to speak of your results and achievements. Maybe you feel like you haven’t worked hard enough. Remember, you are born worthy and deserving. 

Connecting your self-worth to your results can make it awkward to share your success.

If you are using your results to feel better about yourself, then there may be a disconnect because you don’t actually feel better when you succeed or the good feelings are short-lived. You should feel great regardless of your results. When you have this figured out, you’ll know in your heart YOU are not better than someone else, your TIME was just better that day. 

It might be awkward to share your success if you fear judgment from others.  

If you worry about how others will perceive what you share, you might feel uncomfortable. Remember, if anyone is judging you based on your genuine sharing, that’s about them and their insecurities. The people in your circle will know it’s not bragging. They will know your intention and they will rally behind you. When your intentions are pure, they are more likely to be received as they’ve been said or presented.

It’s not bragging if it’s sharing facts and information.  It’s sharing your results and excitement. 

How to be more comfortable being proud of yourself:

  1. Know your worth
  2. Recognize that you deserve success and that it’s not attached to your outcome or amount of hardship or work you put into your results. You are born deserving of success.
  3. Remember, you are enough
  4. Own the facts, plus check your intentions  
  5. Recognize anyone else’s judgments about what you’ve done are none of your business and it’s a reflection of them, not you. 
  6. It is safe to celebrate.  

By sharing your light, you will light up others. 

You may very well be an inspiration for someone who is just one step behind you and they need the motivation to see that success is possible for them too. All of these shifts in perspective are easier to accept when you’re solid in your worth and you’re not worrying about what other people think. 


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