The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 27: The Cost Of Staying Stuck

Everyone gets stuck but I’m not sure everyone stops to think about the cost of staying stuck.  If you stop to think about it, that cost might be an incentive to dig deep and get going again. In this episode, I’ll share some ideas that might help you get motivated to move forward and level up.

Not everyone is about growth and improving themselves to be more successful and that’s okay.   But, I’m going to assume that since you’re here, you are at least a little bit interested in improving yourself.  Even though you want to do better and be better, sometimes your mind and your old habits get in your way.  

What is staying where you’re at costing you? Frankly, it’s costing you your dreams. 

Your old habits, your subconscious programming and your “old ways of doing things” are costing you your dream.  It could also be costing you the ability to dream. The price of not allowing yourself to upgrade is costing you a lot of abundance in the form of joy, love, success and even money. 

We all have a cell phone or a computer and, periodically, they need to do a software upgrade.  What happens when you don’t upgrade your software? Things get sticky, the device slows down and it stops working at its optimum performance level.   When you do the upgrades, it’s for a reason and there’s an intention behind it. Upgrades help your device work better.

As a human, you’ve got bugs too and, if you’re not actively clearing them out, you stand the chance of getting stuck.  Without upgrading, your progress may slow down. If you’re not climbing the ranks or succeeding as you would have hoped, you’ve got to look at your internal software.  Your internal software is your subconscious. That is where all your beliefs are stored. That’s also where the bugs are. If you’re not aware of the hodgepodge of stories and beliefs that you’re holding in there, you don’t know what they are costing you.  You can learn more about this in my Next-Level Mindset Mini Course

The cost of not taking your life and your barrel racing to the next level is mediocrity.     

If you’re like me, you might be cringing at the thought of being mediocre.  I’ve always longed to be above-average. I want an above-average life, an above-average horse, above-average relationships…. above-average everything

In order to do that, I recognize that I can’t do what average people do.  If I don’t want to be mediocre, I can’t do what mediocre people do. I don’t want to be stuck.  So, I look deep within and I’m always looking for ways that I am limiting myself with my beliefs.  

You can learn more about limiting beliefs in Episode 11: How to Know Where You’re Limiting Yourself and download the worksheet to help you with Replacing Limiting Beliefs with Positive Affirmations.

There are so many non-truths that we carry. It’s alarming. 

When I look at my vision of where I want to go, I look back and see what thoughts and beliefs I might have which could hold me back. I want to impact as many horse people as I can with my message.    If I believe it is unsafe to share my views with the world, I’m going to limit my ability to share my message and limit the number of people I can reach. If I had not released that limiting belief, there would be no Rider’s Mind Podcast!  Staying stuck in my old belief would have kept me from starting something great that is helping a lot of people. 

If my vision was to win a rodeo on Squiggles, but I believed I needed to season her at jackpots and derbies first and then start going to rodeos, I would have missed out on winning rodeos on her when she had less than 30 lifetime runs on her as a 6 year old. I really had to challenge myself to recognize my limiting thoughts.  I’m glad I pushed myself and didn’t stay stuck in those thoughts or it would have cost us some wins.

Calling out and clearing out old beliefs is what releases you from old patterns that keep you stuck. Challenge your thoughts so that you can level up in all aspects of your life.   

These aspects are all connected.  So, if you’re working on yourself in order to improve your barrel racing, you’re also going to be helping other areas as well.

Watch yourself when you judge others and ask, Is that really true or is that just a limiting thought of mine?   I’ve judged others before for taking inexperienced horses to a rodeo.  That was my limiting thought that created that judgment, not theirs. I hope you’re seeing this isn’t just about rodeos,  but about all areas where you might be limiting yourself.

The cost of staying stuck is whatever your dreams are worth to you.    

I don’t want you to pay the price.  I can tell you’re ready for a change.  I have two great resources for you: my Next-Level Mindset Mini Course and my online video series called The Rise of The Mindful Barrel Racer.  (Yes, you can join even if you don’t barrel race!).   This free training series started on February 5, but you can still join and get the replay to catch up.

I’m excited to help you get unstuck!  If you’ll have me, I’d love to help guide you to the next level! 


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