The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 93: Emotional Connections to Your Body

In this episode, I share how the unhealed traumas you have might be impacting your health, your body and maybe even your ability to ride. When you stuff those skeletons in the closet and don’t deal with them, it can impact your ability to ride fluidly and communicate clearly with your horse.

Energy, emotions and trauma can be held in our bodies and they can impact how we communicate and connect with horses.

Trapped emotions might show up as pain and tension in your body. You might not physically feel those stored emotions, but your horse might. It can show up in different ways for different people, but there are some metaphysical causations which have been identified by different energy healers and energy workers. The idea is that there is a metaphysical (energetic) cause for every medical issue. 

I’ve been trained in the Emotion Code. The idea is that if we don’t process our emotions then they become trapped. For example, if I felt anger but held it in, it’s like a golf ball swirl of energy and it might lodge in my liver. Now there is an energy pattern in my liver that isn’t naturally there. It’s caused by the trapped emotion and it impacts my liver function. 

Trapped emotions tend to lodge in certain areas.

Nervousness and worry tends to get trapped in the stomach. Tension that you’re holding impacts your ability to communicate clearly through your body to the horse. You need to show up congruently for your horse (meaning you are energetically who you’re trying to show up as). For example, if you’re trying to show up cool, calm and collected, but your horse reads your nervous, worried energy, that is confusing for your horse. 

If everything is energy, emotions also carry a frequency and an energy.   

The word love versus the word hate have different energies. The feeling of shame has a different energy than the feeling of gratitude. 

Past experiences and traumas leave an energetic and emotional imprint on your body. You can also resonate in an emotion when you’re vibrating in that energy all the time. For example, depression can cause your entire body to vibrate in this energy.

If you’re not showing up on the inside in the way you want to express yourself on the outside, it’s going to impact your ability to show up for your horse and your ability to show up as a winner.

If you’re dealing with a lot of trapped emotions, you might need to do some healing work. It might be working with an energy healer, seeing a therapist, getting acupuncture or something else. You want to get to a place where you can show up and be that pure version of yourself without muddling your energy with trapped emotions. 

Different energy practitioners have noted patterns of where these energies like to be stored.

Let’s start with simply looking at the left and right sides of our body. Right represents the masculine, yang side connected with logic and outward expression. The left side of your body represents the feminine, more yin side connected with emotion and feelings. Pain in the left side of your body might be connected to a female in your life. Pain in the right side might be related to carrying the burdens of a male figure in your life. 

Shoulders symbolically represent burdens and responsibilities. Liver problems are often connected with anger, jealousy and resentment. Difficulties with the right side legs, knees, ankles can mean lack of support in career and finances. Difficulties with left side legs, knees and ankles can mean feelings of lack of emotional support. Knee problems are often connected with pride and ego. 

When an injury doesn’t heal right, you have to question if there is emotional residue in there impeding the natural way your body wants to heal.

We have 7 energy centers called Chakras. Each represents certain physical and emotional aspects. For example, the heart chakra deals with love and is blocked by grief. The root chakra deals with survival and is blocked by fear. Disturbances in the subtle energy of the chakras translate into physical manifestation and symptoms which are likely associated with the corresponding glands and organs. Horses also have Chakras and they are mapped out so you can investigate where energy healing might be appropriate depending on the issue your horse is having. 

Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Body offers an index of ailments and their metaphysical connection and then she offers an affirmation as a method of repatterning to heal the energy block related to the issue.  

Some examples from her book include:

Acne: Not accepting the self. Disliking the self.
Affirmation: I am a Divine expression of life. I am love and accept myself when I am right now. 

Foot problems: Fear of the future and not stepping forward in life.
Affirmation: I move forward in life with joy and with ease.

Shoulder: Represent our ability to carry our experiences in life joyously.  We make life a burden by our attitude.
Affirmation: I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving.

Warts: Little expressions of hate. Belief in ugliness.
Affirmation: I am the love and the beauty of Life in full expression. 

She also includes a chart with every vertebrae and its meaning.  For example, if you had pain in T2 the probable cause is fear, pain and hurt. Unwillingness to feel. Shutting the heart off.

Affirmation: My heart forgives and releases.  It is safe to love myself.  Inner peace is my goal.

I hope this episode encourages you to look into your own emotions and where you’re storing them so that you can do the work to release these old emotions and traumas.

If you’re not dealing with your issues and traumas and just stuffing them away, they will impact your health, your vibe, your posture and your tension in the saddle and also influence your ability to communicate clearly with others, including your horse. 


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Heal your Body by Louise Hay

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