The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 50: How Self-Sabotage Shows Up

I have a tendency to self-sabotage my goals and dreams, but I have showed up for fifty episodes of The Rider’s Mind and I’m really proud of this! In this episode, I’ll talk about how self-sabotage behaviours might be preventing you from moving forward with your goals and dreams.

Self-sabotage is sneaky. It can be happening and you don’t even know it.

According to me, self-sabotage includes all the dumb things you do that keep you from achieving your dreams and goals. According to Google, self-sabotage refers to behaviors or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want to do.

A few ways self-sabotage shows up include:

Negative self talk: When you talk negatively about yourself, that is negative energy. It drags you down. Your goals and dreams have a high energy vibration and you want to align with the energy of those goals. When you use negative self-talk, you bring your vibe down and are less likely to achieve a win.

Holding onto limiting beliefs and stories that don’t serve you: If you focus on how hard things are for you, that holds you back. That is another low vibe place to be. Focus on gratitude. Know that you don’t have to work hard, you can work efficiently.

Procrastination: When you’re finding ways to stay busy with the things that aren’t pushing you towards your goals or desires, you’re self-sabotaging. You’re distracting yourself.

Impostor syndrome: When you’re feeling like you don’t belong or feeling like you aren’t good enough, you’re self-sabotaging. You might be asking “who am I to be doing this?” instead of stepping into your greatness.

Comparison: Focusing on the idea that you’re “not as good as…” also keeps you from achieving your goals.

Perfectionism: When you try to be perfect, you focus on all the things that aren’t right – on the negative. Perfectionism means you’re living in the fear of being imperfect. You might believe mistakes and failures are bad. When you focus on the things that aren’t right, you move your attention away from the positive and self-sabotage your success.

Doing “dumb things” in the arena: Grabbing your hat, getting involved with your emotions or choking in competition can all be examples of self-sabotage.

If you see these things showing up in your life… ask yourself why are you afraid of doing what you want to do? 

Are you afraid of the attention you’ll get when you actually do succeed with that event?
Do you feel like you actually don’t deserve it?
Do you have limiting beliefs or stories around what it’s going to take to achieve that goal?
Do you believe you’ll have to make sacrifices, but you don’t want to make them?
Are you afraid of shining so bright in your success that you’ll be judged for it?
Are you worried about what other people might think?

Dig deep and try to uncover the reason(s) why you’re self-sabotaging.

Sometimes you need a different perspective to overcome your self-sabotaging behaviours. You might need to work on some things so you can stop self-sabotaging. Listen to Episode 9: The Art of Reframing and Episode 12: Accepting Imperfection for more ideas on reframing your thoughts and dealing with perfectionism.

Keep an eye out for your own self-sabotaging patterns so you can nip them in the bud and forge ahead to your goals and dreams.


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