The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 57: Why we are so negative

You know you should be more positive. You know the benefits, but for some reason, you keep sliding back into negativity. There is a reason for why this happens…let me tell you about it in this episode.

If you’ve been listening to this podcast, you must be into personal growth. You know there are benefits to being positive. You don’t want to be a negative Nelly. But perhaps you find yourself in negativity sometimes? 

No matter how hard you try, you keep sliding back into negativity. Why does this happen? 

It’s because you are human.

You are hardwired that way. It does depend on your habits, your awareness and who you hang around with. If you hang around with people who are negative, you slide into those patterns too. It’s also connected to who you believe you are. It’s your original blueprint and also who you’ve been conditioned to be. 

Some people are naturally more optimistic, but as humans we tend towards negativity. 

Maybe you imagine the worst case scenario or have vivid visions of accidents. Maybe your horse is hurt and you jump to the worst conclusion. Or you hear 9 compliments, but you fester on the 1 negative comment. Maybe in your ride, you focus on all the bad and forget the good.

It’s easier to get fired up about something negative than it is to subscribe and get joyful about something positive.

We tend to do what’s easier. We also tend to make decisions based on potential negative results instead of the possible positives. Risks loom greater than rewards.

We tend to believe negative news more readily than positive news. Children are this way too, it’s not just adults. You may have noticed that they remember the negative stories or events the most. 

Why do we go there when we know better? It’s called negativity bias.

Being wired for negativity allows us to notice threats and respond to them. It also makes you pay attention to the negative aspects and makes them seem much more important than they actually are. Negativity weighs heavier on the brain. Studies show that when shown a series of images, the negative ones created a stronger response in the cerebral cortex. 

We have to make a conscious, mindful choice to be positive. 

The brain is powerful, so you can make these choices. You can choose positivity. Your mindfulness and awareness is important. Recognize what your mind has done naturally, then make a choice to be more positive. We have the brainpower to create new neural pathways by creating new habits.

Intentionally savor the positive moments. 

If you have a strong mindfulness practice and you are aware, you can take the time to stay in the positive moments. You can seek them out, find them and focus on them.

As I’ve practiced this, it has been easier to focus on the positive. I’m also more compassionate towards people who are negative. 

It takes awareness and effort, but you have the brainpower to steer yourself towards positivity.

If you’d like to learn more about being positive check out Episode 9: The Art of Reframing 


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