The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 66: The Horse as a Vehicle for Transformation

Warning: I get a little emotional in this episode as I reflect and celebrate the transformation of my personal life thanks to my horses. I think you’ll enjoy this episode and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the transformations your horses have inspired. 

It used to be that horses were a vehicle for transportation. Many people use horses as a vehicle for personal gain, including gaining accolades or status. 

What if we looked at horses as a vehicle for transformation?

When you sit back and reflect, you can see how horses have shaped you into the person you are today. What if you actively look at how horses support you in your journey every day? Stop and think about what you’re learning from your horse. Ask, “What’s the lesson here?” When you are present, you can more quickly see what lessons you’re meant to learn from your horses. 

Sometimes I think those of us who were born into horse families take for granted the benefits we receive daily from horses. 

For some of us, horses have always been there, so we don’t know any different. I’m not sure who I’d be without horses, but it scares me to think about it. Horses have provided so much enrichment in my life.

I asked the members of The Rider’s Mind Community group on Facebook, What kind of changes, growth, transformation or development has your horse facilitated or created for you? 

Here are some answers that were shared:

Maribeth: “Without them I’d be a mess…they help me stay grounded, purposeful, humble and so much more.”

Jennifer: “My older gelding has given me confidence in myself to purchase and train a colt. My colt has given me the drive to prove everyone wrong and do things right.”

Danielle: “I probably would be a little more arrogant. Horses keep my ego in check and humble me whenever my head gets a little too big for my body. I start thinking I know a thing or two and the horse very quickly brings me back down to scale that I don’t know diddly.”

“I always like a challenge and desire to keep learning. My horses have kept me doing that, desire to be better (better person) I have met so many great people through horses! To be honest my horses are my friends they are loved and give me love could not be without them! Life would be boring and empty!”

Heather: “You know that song by Tim McGraw ‘Humble and Kind’? That pretty much sums it up. Add in some patience and like lessons and we are good.”

Della: “Horses are a challenge and I love challenges and the learning that the horse will teach you if you pay attention to the details”

For me, I find it hard to put into words. Many times my horses have been my sanity.

Through horses, I have met many amazing people, including my husband. The friends I’ve made because of horses are incredible. 

Horses teach humility, perseverance, how to handle grief, discouragement and frustration. They also facilitate peace, stillness, joy, pride. Even if we weren’t using them for sport, I still think we would experience the same emotions, just maybe less discouragement and frustration because those often accompany goals.

As a young girl, horses probably kept me out of a lot of trouble and aligned me with good people as friends. The goals I had with my horses kept me riding instead of partying. They’ve allowed me to feel I’m a part of something.  

It’s neat to take a walk down memory lane and think of who you were when you started with a particular horse and who you were when it was time to say goodbye.

I had my first horse, Sonny, in my life for 26 or 27 years, so there was quite a transformation in that time. Some of my horses were only part of my life for a short time before being sold, but the connections I made because of them will last a lifetime.

Give it some thought: Who were you before the horse you have now and who are you becoming?

Are your horses helping to facilitate your transformation?

What if instead of using your horse to achieve your goal in sport, you allowed your horse to show you what you needed to know about yourself?

What if your horses weren’t just supporting you in transporting you to your destination but you really allowed them to help with the transformation?

What if you looked at your relationship with your horse differently and allowed yourself to be supported by your horses a little bit more? 

What is it that you’re learning from your horse?

I’m so grateful for the transformation that horses have facilitated for me. 

Horses help you in so many ways. Without knowing, horses help you develop a routine. You take responsibility for another creature. You make connections. You learn about friendship. You learn to trust. You overcome fears.

Look at your journey. Look at how you’ve grown and changed because of the horse. 

Celebrate horses because, for many of us, they are the glue holding us together.

Horses not only hold you together, but push you to become all that you are. It’s because of your goals and dreams with your horses that you must change and become more. If you want to achieve great things with our horses, you must learn to achieve great heights from within. Your horses are loyal guides through transformation. 

Thank your horses past and present for their service.  Because of them, you’re a better version of you.

Horses are not just a vehicle for transportation, they are one of transformation.


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