The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 73: Trust Your Vibes – Encore Episode

This is an “encore episode” of Episode 48: Trust Your Vibes.  I trust that this is the message you need right now.  If you’ve listened to this episode before, I think you might hear something differently if you listen again.  If it’s your first time listening, enjoy!

Whether you call it your “spiny senses”, “gut feeling”, “intuition” or your “knowing”, I believe we all have this sense. In this episode, I give you some ideas of how to use your intuition.

No matter what you call it, we all have intuition. 

Some people may be more in tune to it and some people might call it something else, but we all have it. Everyone can use their intuition, just like everyone can sing; some are better than others. Some of us might need to take lessons or practice to use it better. Some people are naturally intuitive superstars (just as Beyoncé is a singing superstar). 

We might call it a gut feeling, or as my Mom says, “your spiny sense”. It’s that feeling you have when things aren’t right or they feel really great and exciting. It’s like your inner compass.

You may have been using intuition all along and not know you have been. 

Maybe you use your intuition, but you want to learn to use it better. Your higher self, your inner compass already knows and has the answers. We just need to learn how to communicate with our inner compass and learn to trust it.

Horse trust their “vibe” or their feelings all the time. They trust what they feel in the moment. They don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis trying to decide if what they are feeling is right or just “all in their heads”.

If something doesn’t feel like a good idea, don’t feel like you have to think your way into it being a good idea. Trust your vibe. 

To strengthen your intuition:

Practice trusting it
The best way to start strengthening your intuition is to practice trusting it. When you have a feeling, just trust it. Let go of the need to know why you’re feeling that and let go of needing to know the outcome.

For example, imagine you are horse shopping and the horse checks all the boxes, but you aren’t excited about buying the horse. You can talk yourself into buying the horse or you can trust your gut. Trust that feeling and walk away. You don’t have to know why. 

Practice using intuition
Another way to strengthen your intuition is to practice using it on purpose. When you are making decisions, instead of getting into your head to think your way through it logically, get into your body and see how it feels. Is your gut in a knot or does it feel light and exciting when you think of the outcome?

For example, I’ll use this method when I think about entering a barrel race. I don’t think about how I will feel 2 minutes before I run (that will surely have my tummy in a knot). I think of the setup and the energy of the location. I think about having a solid run. If it feels light and exciting, I plan to go. If something feels off, I will pass.

Learn to decipher between fear and a negative feeling
When learning to strengthen your intuition and trust your vibes, it’s important to be able to decipher between fear and a negative feeling. Like I mentioned about entering a barrel race, if I thought about entering the arena, it would be hard for me to decipher between the two. Were those nerves or a bad feeling about the event?

Your intuition will not scare you. It is just a knowing. So if you’re feeling scared about something, it’s more likely fear. If it’s fear, you can break that feeling down to see what you can do to prevent the outcome you’re afraid of.

One area I find particularly challenging for deciphering fear from intuition is when it involves a horse I’m emotionally invested in. Sometimes our fear of something being wrong can make us think something is wrong. This is when I think an unbiased opinion is important. Sometimes we are so tuned in to our horse, we can feel a problem before it happens. However, sometimes we create problems by thinking something is wrong when nothing is. This is when a good team is important. Ask an intuitive friend or your vet for their help.

I want you to become aware of the compass you have within. I encourage you to practice using your intuition. 

Intuition is a powerful tool you can access anytime. Just like singing, it’s a skill you are totally capable of fine-tuning and improving, so practice using it, practice trusting it and learn to decipher between fear and your intuition. 


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