The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 80: Why Mindset Matters

In this episode, I share why mindset matters and how the 3 pillars of my Mindful Barrel Racer Framework can help you succeed with your horse.

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Mindset is an established set of attitudes.

I use the Mindful Barrel Racer Framework to teach and support barrel racers in my Stride coaching group. There are 3 pillars: Presence, Partnership and Performance. These 3 pillars influence your mindset and your success with your horse. 


Presence is your ability to be grounded in your body and present in the moment. It is directly related to your ability to ride the stride and get into the zone in competition. Some people can do this more naturally than others. Some horses support us with this more than others.

We can all achieve a grounded and present mindset. 

Time slows down when we are in the present moment, just like time slows down when we are “in the zone”. Everything is so clear. We’re neither ahead or behind. We are present and in the moment. We’re riding the stride we’re in.

Presence can be found in a deep breath, a grounding meditation, a slow ride or a fast run, but it all starts with a mindset of awareness and consciousness.


Partnership should be a two-way street, but I often see us putting emphasis on what the horse is doing and what he’s bringing to the table.

How about you? What are you bringing? Have you considered what your mindset is bringing to the partnership? 

I’m learning about how horses mirror their riders, how they synchronize with the energy around them and how their heart can sense energy around them.

What are you holding in your heart?  What types of energy are you carrying with you to the barn? What type of mindset do you have? 

Congruency has been the word of the week for me as I’ve been reading and learning. Your horse is aware of whether or not what you’re trying to do matches the energy that your heart is putting out. 

Are you trying to be a leader and a boss to your horse, but really you’re scared? What if you admitted that, but still asked for respect?


The quality of your mindset will have a direct impact on your consistency, confidence, and resilience.  

All of these qualities of mind are built from within. They need to be connected to your sense of worth, your deservedness and your enoughness. These attributes are also connected to your ability to lead your horse. 

No matter how much experience you have, no matter how positive you are or how much manifesting you’re doing, things are still going to go sideways sometimes. It has to so that you can learn more. It’s resilience that will get you through it.

Adopting a growth mindset and finding the lessons are key to your performance. 

Tenacity and intention are also important attributes to have in your mindset toolbox. You’ll rely on these a lot when competing and to keep the others 2 pillars solid. 

Presence + Partnership + Performance: The Winning Combination

You need all 3 of these elements working together to be a Mindful Barrel Racer.

Without performance you have presence and partnership, but you might not be showing up to win. 

Without presence, you have performance and partnership, but you’re going to miss most of your run and your consistency won’t be there. 

If you have presence and performance, but you don’t have a partnership, it is a shame because horses make great friends and teammates. You can win with only these 2 pillars, but I don’t think horses have as much fun. You’re either going to run out of heart or never fully get all that your horse can offer without the partnership pillar. 

With all 3 pillars, you’re a well-oiled mindful barrel racing team.

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Learn more about becoming a mindful barrel racer in my upcoming free training. Reserve your spot at: The series starts on February 12.

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