The Rider’s Mind Podcast Episode 104:Showing up with Confidence at Your Next Big Event

If you’ve entered a big event and now you’re freaking out, this episode is for you. If you’re entered, but you feel unprepared or worried or not good enough, I’m here to help.  Let’s get you ready to show up with confidence at your next big event!

I’ve had a few S.O.S messages lately that are something like this:

I’ve entered a big event and….
I don’t feel prepared.
I don’t feel good enough to be there.
I’m worried it’s going to be a disaster like last time.
What have I done?
I’m feeling panicked!

The fact that I’ve had more than one person reach out about this should help you see you’re not alone in this. 

When there’s a lot of money and a lot of hype over an event, energy builds around that event and what it means. We feel at an energetic level “it’s a big deal”. The money and the title of a win carries a lot of weight to our ego. Our ego would be extra happy with a win there!  

But the energy and weight the event carries is simply a story that someone started to tell about it and then it spread. Many people think it’s a big deal, so you do too. 

What does this event look like if we take the money and the energy away from it? It’s another jackpot with 3 barrels to run around. 

Separate yourself from that energy. Separate from the money up, the live feed, who is watching, the value your horse is worth because he clocked or didn’t clock, the number of people you outran or how many people outran you. It doesn’t matter. 

You’re just making a run at a place that has a lot of hype. 

Remind yourself that your horse isn’t subscribing to all of that meaning and energy, so you don’t need to either. 

Another story I hear and have bought into myself is “this is his futurity year” or “this is her last derby year, I would sure like to do well”. This is a story. You want to do well every time don’t you? 

You want to do right by your horse and you want to ride right for your horse and what he’s ready for, no matter what his age is.

The first year I went to the CBHI Futurity, I cleared limiting beliefs on my drive there because they kept coming up for me. I recognized that I didn’t feel like I belonged and I couldn’t imagine myself standing with the top 10. This was a problem.  

I worked on that problem and visualized myself standing amongst the elite group and feeling like I belonged there. I imagined holding the big Super Stakes cheque too. I pulled up and cleared all the reasons why I didn’t feel grounded in that energy. 

Dispel all of the reasons that you’re telling yourself you don’t belong. Everyone belongs. 

Visualize yourself standing amongst the elite group. Imagine how you’d feel if you believed you belonged there.

Journal about this.  Ask yourself, Why don’t I feel like I belong? What would it feel like if I felt like I belonged there?   What would it take for me to feel like I belonged?  Write down what comes up for you.  

It starts with you separating yourself from the energy of the event and simply riding right for your horse that day. 

You’re the one adding meaning to this event or buying into the meaning others are attaching to it.  Stay neutral.

Reality: If you want to be competitive, you might have to pull up your socks at this big event. Many people are pulling out their A game. You can do that too.     

Maybe this is when you decide to “get naked” and expose yourself and be vulnerable in your run (Listen to episode 103 for more on this idea of getting naked in the arena.)

Know that your results don’t dictate who you are or who your horse is. Remembering this will take a lot of pressure off. 

Visualize yourself in that great run. Visualize yourself standing amongst the winners and transcend all the reasons why you don’t feel like you belong.  But, also know that if it’s not your day to stand there it means nothing about you.  It just wasn’t your day (yet). 

Stay neutral about the energy surrounding the event. Take yourself out of that and put your feet in the dirt. Stay grounded in the energy of the earth, not the ideas of what people have made the event out to be. This will allow you to ride with the plan you came with and to ride right for your horse. 

On your way in, remember to breathe deep, stay present, and ride the stride. 


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